Wonder of Asia Surf destination 

Are you preparing a great trip and looking for unforgettable experiences to do once you arrive at your destination? Are you a true surf fan and need exotic places to ride new waves? Or do you simply want to fulfill your dream of learning a mythical and highly addictive sport?

Be that as it may, if you are preparing a  trip to Asia and surfing is on your “things to do” list, this post is for you. From Indonesia to the Srilanka, through the Philippines or India, here are the best beaches to enjoy surfing in Asia. Fantastic places that will far exceed your expectations and will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Kuta, Bali

Beautiful sandy beach with more than 3 km of extension. Kuta Beach has waves for any level, from learners to the most experienced. On this beach, there is space and waves for everyone. At Kuta Beach, the best wind direction is from the northeast and the best wave direction is from the southwest.

Uluwatu, Indonesia

Made up of four different sections, Uluwatu Bali is a beach with turquoise waters whose reputation is second to none. It is the ideal place for the best surfers looking for deep canyons. 

Playgrounds beach, Indonesia

The paradisiacal island of Bali is an amazing place for world surfers in search of fast, hollow, right-hand waves. Here beginners will be able to improve and learn easily due to the good waves. The most experienced will go to the areas a little further away from the island.

Pururan Bay, Philippines

Pupuran has a perfect swell for thrill-seekers but very experienced. The waves are strong, right-handed, and hollow, driven by the north-west direction of the wind and the coral reefs.

Ombak Tujuh Beach, Java

Located in INDONESIA, It is a break point reef area that normally has good waves, perfect for experienced surfers. The wind generally comes from the east and southwest. The higher the waves, the stronger and to the left they are. You have to be careful with the rocks.

West Timor, Timor Island, Indonesia

West Timor is characterized by a sandy beach, is considered the best place to surf at any level. Ideal for professionals with powerful hollow waves, a perfect setting for the most experienced, and a nice challenge for brave beginners.

Secret Hinako, Indonesia

With a northeasterly wind, and a southwesterly swell. The secret beach has a break point for left-hand waves suitable for all types of levels. Pay special attention to rocky reefs.

JacksonCreek, Andaman, INDIA

High, left-hand waves with a southwest swell. Jackson is a perfect place to practice surfing surrounded by an incredible landscape (untouched vegetation, white sand…) Just one thing, beware of strong waves and crocodiles that reach the shore.

Weligama, SRI LANKA

Weligama is located on the Southern coast of Sri Lank, Weligama is considered one of the best places for surfs in the world. It has waves of constant rights and lefts that grow on big walls and break near the shore. There are countless surfing schools at Weligama for beginners. However, Surf camp Weligama is considered one of the best places to start your ultimate surf and yoga journey in Sri Lanka.

Sumba Beach, Sunda Islands 

Sumba is a dream island with dream waves… For surfers looking for amazing waves, this place has everything they need. Sumba also has the fastest waves in the world and is often the scene of surfing competitions.

Kalim Beach, THAILAND

Taking into account that many other beaches are impassable, surfers go to Kalim, since it is protected from the waves. When there are storms, there are impressive tubes and the trajectory of the wave is about fifty to one hundred meters.

Approach lights beach, MALDIVES

Located at the southern end of Addu Atoll, Approach lights is a perfect spot for surfers when southerly and northerly winds meet. The waves are so long that when they break against the coral reefs the beauty is incredible.  

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