Why Hire A Concrete Contractor Over An Asphalt Contractor

The advantages of hiring a concrete or asphalt contractor over an independent freelancer are numerous. For example, contractors offer more high-quality services than freelancers, are reputable, and have good construction industry knowledge. Here’s a look at some of the advantages of hiring a contractor for your job. Even more, to hire the best asphalt contractor, you can visit this website.


If you want a long-lasting driveway, you may want to consider concrete instead of asphalt. While concrete is more durable, the price can be a little higher than asphalt. It can cost anywhere from $7 to $13 per square foot, and it will take more labor. However, asphalt contractors are generally more expensive. In addition to the higher labor costs, concrete also requires a deeper base layer.

If you’re looking for an affordable concrete installation service, it’s best to check with references. You can ask prospective clients for a list of references and see what type of work they’ve done for other people. It’s also important to ask about the contractor’s experience, involvement, and pricing. Some concrete contractors may offer financing, which allows you to tie the price to the quality of the work. Another benefit of hiring a concrete contractor is that most concrete installations are quoted at a fixed price. Most concrete contractors charge a minimum fee, representing about 1.5 or 2 hours of labor. If you’re not comfortable with the quoted price, don’t hesitate to negotiate with the contractor.


In general, concrete and asphalt contractors deliver better quality work than freelancers. Concrete and asphalt are different because they require less maintenance and last longer. On the other hand, concrete is much thicker than asphalt, and its hardness makes it more durable and resistant to cracking. Here is a comparison of the two types of construction. The difference between them lies in their different construction methods and materials. The advantages of each are briefly discussed.

For driveways, concrete is the preferred choice for most residential homeowners. Most Asphalt Contractors in Houston shut down during the winter months. In addition, concrete is more durable and offers more decorative options. Unlike asphalt, known for its dark cohesion, concrete is easier to apply decorative colors and stamp designs. However, this surface type does not hold up well to stamping, so concrete is preferred for such projects.

Home visits:

Before you hire a contractor, you should ask for references. Visiting a contractor’s site and asking for pictures of past projects are great ways to evaluate their capabilities and expertise. Experienced contractors are used to receiving client inquiries about references and should readily share the contact details of their previous customers. Avoid a contractor who does not readily provide references; this is a huge red flag. Here are some tips to help you choose the right contractor for your project.

General liability insurance:

The basic liability insurance of a concrete contractor is vital. Without this type of insurance, a concrete contractor takes a considerable risk. If an accident happens, a lawsuit can ensue and result in injuries or damages to property. Additionally, false lawsuits can result in high costs for attorneys and settlements. Having this insurance in place will protect you and your company in these situations. Listed below are some ways a concrete contractor can keep their costs down.

General liability insurance covers the risks that a concrete contractor may encounter. This type of insurance protects the concrete contractor from damage to property and injury to non-employees. Many project owners require concrete contractors to purchase general liability insurance. This insurance also provides E&O coverage, covering the costs associated with a business disagreement. General liability insurance is also essential for protecting yourself from lawsuits brought by employees and clients.

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