When you are a businessman trying to recruit security guard services for the first time, in all probability, you will have tons of questions running through your mind. What amount of security will you need? What are the highest security jeopardies you may encounter? Will you be able to pay for professional security guard services?

What characteristics should you be hunting for in a security guard? – is what is in question if you are a business owner.

This is a pertinent question because an unwise choice can imply the difference between a typical day at the office and a disaster. Proactive and field-expert security services like securT have been recruiting and training security guards for almost a quarter of a decade. There are few traits that prevail among the best security services in the profession.

Security services play a pivotal role in safeguarding the business and its operations. Therefore they shouldn’t be ignored. For the safety of operation, appointing the best comes first, independent of the size of your business- big, medium or small.

Four characteristics of an ideal security guard:

1. Honesty

A huge responsibility rests on the shoulders of the security guards. Apart from being the primary line of defence against a probable security threat, it is expected from them that they act swiftly and smartly in the wake of challenging or dangerous situations. Quite frequently, security services are given access to secret information like passwords, codewords and the power to allow people into the premises. In this context, it becomes crucial that the security guards on duty are trustworthy and are competent enough to handle valuable goods and other properties of intellectual nature.

2. Comms.

It is inevitable for security guards on duty to communicate with different kinds of people in the course of their shift. Ranging from enterprise owners and consumers to staff and the legal teams, to be capable of effective and efficient communication is priceless. Precisely updating and firmly sharing relevant information- an ideal security guard should display this competence. Failing to register event reports or improper communication will turn out to be disastrous for your business. Communication becomes important in this context.

3. Consumer-orientedness

A security guard means he is more than just the muscle man who puts potential criminals down. To be of best service to their customers with concern, reverence and loyalty- the motto of the most successful security guard services. They converse with consumers, employees and business people. They are accountable for a wide range of activities and are needed to record massive amounts of data. By facilitating exceptional service, qualitative security guards will always put your business before themselves despite the job being highly demanding.

4. Reliability

If the guard does not attend to duty, no matter how good the security service, it will be of no benefit. Being on time and being dependable are two qualities that cannot be compromised. Applying for sick leave at the last minute or coming in half an hour late could place a lot of lives in jeopardy like staff, employees, consumers and others. A security guard must be proud of their job and be on their toes to attend to duty round the clock if need be. The great responsibility that they shoulder has to be taken dutifully, and punctuality has to be ensured at all times.

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