Which people are at risk of being a victim of brain injury? Philadelphia

Your skull protects your brain. Your brain, for example, has fluid that protects it from coming into touch with the hard inside of the skull. A jarring hit to the body or head, on the other hand, might cause your brain to shift about, increasing the risk of traumatic contact between the skull and the brain. Although anybody can suffer from a brain injury, there are several risk factors. According to Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys, here are some sets of people who have the highest chances of getting a brain injury.


Men are twice as likely as women to have a brain injury. Because of their riskier lifestyle, males are twice as likely to develop a traumatic brain injury. However, risk-taking behavior is likely to play a role. Younger males, in particular, engage in riskier behaviors than women. Therefore it’s no surprise that they get greater brain damage. In this scenario, we are not advising you to avoid males; rather, if you are a guy or have a spouse, make sure he does not drive recklessly or take on a dangerous profession such as construction.

The young and elderly

Children under the age of five, for example, have poorer coordination and softer skulls, making them more susceptible to fall. Young adults aged 15 to 24 participate in far more risky conduct than the general population. Furthermore, the elderly are more likely to be the victim of a brain injury when they walk down the street and a car hits them while attempting to cross the street.


Alcohol may be consumed by both the victim and the perpetrator of the harm. Young adults may be more susceptible to brain damage due to alcohol usage. Alcohol consumption does, without a doubt, increase the danger of a car or motorbike collision since it impairs reflexes and brain processes.


Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative condition with dementia-like symptoms, has recently made headlines in American football. After deaths, over a dozen former NFL players got diagnosed with the illness. Even if a player never makes it to the professional leagues, four years of high school football may have more than 8,000 head impacts.

In the end, like said earlier, anyone can be a victim of a brain injury, and it could be you or me. 

However, we must understand that we live in a world where medicine has advanced, so thinking about how bad the pain will be, honestly should not worry as there are ways to keep you comfortable even during this trying time. Nevertheless, stay safe. 

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