Which light do you prefer magic mushrooms: sunlight or LED lighting

While mushrooms are known for growing in shade, they do need light. If you want to grow mushrooms, it’s a good idea to research the amount of light and the type of light they need. Do they need mushroom grow lights? Do they need all daylight or just a few hours? Read this blog and you will learn about it.

How to Choose the Right Hontech Wins Grow Lights

You can choose from different types of artificial lighting. There are energy-efficient CFL (fluorescent) lighting and LED lights. It is especially important to take the spectrum into account. For magic mushrooms, use lights on the blue end of the spectrum (light intensity around 6000 to 7000 Kelvin). But also be careful with the heat the lamp can generate, you don’t want the lamp to burn your mushrooms.

The advantage of artificial lighting is that you have a lot of control. So you can pretty accurately determine how much light your mushrooms get so they can get what they need.

What to Look Out for When Using Hontech Wins Grow Lights

But how much light do magic mushrooms need? There was no consensus. Professional growers who use artificial light usually choose a fixed schedule of 12 hours for mushrooms in the light and 12 hours in the dark. But some glow less. Of course, you can always try it yourself and see what works best. Mushrooms may grow in less than 12 hours of light.

Lamps not only emit light, but they also generate heat. Therefore, you must ensure that there is sufficient distance between the light and the planting kit. If they get too close, the temperature can get too hot and even cause burns. As a result, your mushrooms may not grow properly or be damaged. Do you use artificial light, so be aware of this and place your lights further away if necessary?

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