Which air conditioner is best for you?

With the arrival of summer comes excessive heat, and it is the right time for people to turn on the air conditioners inside their property. Therefore, before turning them on after a long period of time, it is necessary that you make sure with an expert technician that it works correctly, and does not need any type of repair or replacement.

About preventive maintenance

Whether you have a central air, a mini split or a portable air installed, it is necessary that each piece is checked and maintained by the air conditioning companies near me during the term stipulated by the specialized technician.

In other words, the preventive maintenance of these cooling units must be carried out at intervals of one year, so any anomaly in the device that needs to be corrected, or a part that needs to be replaced, could be detected in time.

This is the only way to ensure that an AC works perfectly and can deliver the expected results. With continuous use, both the filters and the turbines acquire dust and mold, which is highly harmful to health. All systems should be checked carefully, including the coolant and the pressure it exerts to keep the air fresh, it may need to be recharged or replaced.

Main consequences of lack of maintenance in air conditioners

The biggest consequence of not maintaining an Ac properly is the loss of its performance. In other more serious cases, and which is linked to the previous point, it is that the equipment begins to freeze piece by piece.

Apart from this, if it is an air conditioner that lasts more than eight hours on, it may be working at twice its capacity and therefore it is necessary to check it earlier than scheduled. If, on the contrary, it is used very little and at a regular temperature, the review time could extend up to two years, although it is always necessary to follow the recommendations of the expert staff.

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There is no need to expose these valuable artifacts to deterioration that can cost twice as much when repairing the damage, sometimes they are very simple things that can be solved in time.

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Most common problems or failures in an AC without maintenance

The main problem that an AC with little maintenance presents is the gas leak, as well as a compressor that does not heat or strange noises in the water flow. Other slightly more serious inconveniences would be that the air conditioning does not turn on, contamination in the system due to humidity, oil overload, low condensing pressure, electrical problems or problems with the plug, among others.

Regardless of the fault of the AC, being delicate equipment and that works with electricity, the review of these and other mishaps should be carried out only by trained labor.

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