When Is Your Back Pain From Car Accident Concerning?

Imagine driving your car, following all the traffic rules, and suddenly getting hit from behind by another vehicle. The impact of this collision can probably lead to brain injuries, fractures, and injuries to the spinal cord. Damage to the spinal cord can give rise to persistent and chronic pain in the back. Depending upon the intensity of the collision, the severity of the back pain is determined. 

The driver who crashed the vehicle from behind may be responsible for the accident. The victim can hold the liable driver to compensate for their injuries, damages to the vehicle, and other sufferings. Filing a car accident lawsuit requires an experienced attorney’s guidance to get fair compensation. Therefore, hiring a Wytheville Auto Accident Lawyer can be of great advantage in filing a car accident lawsuit. 

When is the back pain concerning?

Back pain after a car accident usually gets cured by proper care and bed rest or physiotherapy sessions. However, in some instances, the back pain remains persistent and gets severe. If you have noticed the following signs, you should immediately lookout for medical assistance.

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  • Radiating pain: 

When a person meets an accident, there is a massive impact on their back, and at that time, there are no visible signs of pain. Still, once time passes, it starts occurring and radiating in all body directions, especially in the gluteal region or legs. It indicates that the nerves are getting compressed, or the victim is suffering from a herniated disc.

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  • Sharp pain: 

Most of the time, pain experienced by the victim is dull, but if sharp pain occurs, it indicates that the ligaments or the muscles of the body are torn, or the pain is related to internal organs. 

  • Weakness in lower limb: 

The lower limb of the body gets weaker because of nerve compression, which could be due to sciatica or spinal stenosis. Moreover, sudden pain in the lower limb can signify stroke. 

  • Numbness: 

When the back pain gets serious, the car accident victims observe pins like sensation in their groin; this probably indicates severe complications of the nerve and spine.

  • Difficulty in walking or standing: 

In this condition, when a victim meets with a car accident, there might be a chance that they may lose the strength of the vertebral column, which helps to maintain equilibrium between the upper and lower body. However, because of the accident, a victim cannot walk or stand because the vertebral disc gets affected. It can be due to herniated disc or nerve compression. 

If your back pain is resulting from a car accident, you can get compensation for the treatment and the losses related to it by providing proper evidence. It is advisable to consult a lawyer who can help you with all the legal procedures.

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