What wedding package should include?

A wedding photo shoot is an opportunity to remember one of the most long-awaited days even in the smallest details. The resulting photos will be saved for life and will allow you to tell the story of love and the creation of a new family to the next generations. How to choose the right photographer and what to pay attention to? The main aspect that you should consider is the list of services provided by the specialist. We recommend getting acquainted with the wedding photography company Vanilla Brides. You can find the price of the wedding photography package at the following link:

What wedding photography package should include?

Vanilla Brides offers several different packages to choose from, but the standard wedding photography package consists of a certain list of services, which we will talk about today. If you choose it, you will get a professional photographer and an assistant who will be available at the reception for 6-8 hours. During the shooting, many different shots will be taken from different angles, and you will get 600 of them already edited. Before the event you can also use the service of a specialized consultant who will try to answer all your questions and organize the process, so as to avoid any unforeseen situations.

This package allows you to have your wedding photo shoot in different locations without restrictions. So, you will be able to visit your favorite places on the day of the celebration and make a photo of it as a memento. At the end of the event, the photographer will try to send you a link to the online gallery as soon as possible, where absolutely all the RAW images will be freely accessible. You will be able to download them, send them to your friends, or print them out at any time.

In addition, the company offers the following options:

  • creation of a wedding album;
  • engagement photo shoot;
  • order of additional hours;
  • broadcast of the event;
  • creation of short Love Story, etc.

If you have any further questions, you can contact the managers who will be happy to provide a consultation. Moreover, you can discuss with them the prices for the photo shooting and choose the most suitable service package option.

Of course, if you choose one of these packages, you can relax on your wedding day and not worry about the final result. The specialists of Vanilla Brides do everything to make sure that you really enjoy the process of shooting and have only the best impressions of the work done.

What wedding videography package should include?

You probably also want to capture your wedding ceremony not only in pictures, but also as video clips. Vanilla Brides will provide you with high-quality photos as well as unique video footage with genuine emotions. The standard wedding videography package includes a list of various services for a reasonable price.

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By choosing this package, we provide a professional videographer for 8 hours with two high quality cameras at your wedding. When making an agreement with this specialist, you will get a master who shoots absolutely all the important moments, starting from the bride’s gathering and finishing with the fireworks at the end of the evening. An important function of the videographer is that, as a professional with great experience, he is able to give small tips to the newlyweds and those present to make truly high-quality and vivid shots.

After the event is over, they will begin editing and processing the resulting files. After that, you will receive a link to the cloud where you will be able to watch the video online at any time. In addition to the raw files, you’ll also enjoy watching the wedding movie, a short video with the best snippets, and as a bonus, a small colorful video for Instagram.

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