What problems can a business owner face running business accounts on social networks?

Every business owner thinks about managing the social media of their brand. And usually, these thoughts become a reality. After all, nowadays, even a child understands that social networks are an important marketing tool. This is the easiest way to connect with your audience, create the reputation you want, and build brand awareness. Social networks bring business and users closer, increasing the level of audience trust.

In general, the tasks of social networks are not few. Therefore, it is necessary to approach SMM with all responsibility. Here, it will not be enough to devote a couple of hours a week to content somewhere between communicating with suppliers and preparing an accounting report. That’s why a competent specialist is necessary, and even better – a whole team. Because, without their help, a business owner can face a huge number of problems while managing social networks. What kinds of problems? We will tell you right now!

Misunderstanding the purpose of social media marketing

For a person who is not involved in SMM, it can be a huge problem to figure out why they need social networks at all. It creates ignorance of what and how to publish and how to communicate with the audience. The content on social networks differs from what we publish on the company’s website or in a promotional video on TV. Therefore, there is such a service as CONTENIVE, which has specialists who have been involved in SMM for a long time and know everything about content suitable for social networks.

Misunderstanding what content format is needed for different social networks

Every social network is unique. Each has its own requirements for content: the size of texts and images, the tone of communication, and the subject of posts. What is interesting to the audience on Instagram may not be interesting to the LinkedIn audience. And a long read for Facebook just won’t fit on Twitter. CONTENIVE specialists know all these nuances and will save you from wasting precious time reading this information on the Internet and putting it into practice.

Where to get ideas?

This question can become a headache even for some SMM specialists. It’s not easy to generate ideas for content non-stop. Sooner or later, all obvious topics for posts end. It becomes necessary to produce unique posts which will set you apart from the competitors. CONTENIVE will free you from this by taking on this responsibility. Experienced professionals at CONTENIVE know creative techniques and how to create unique ideas! And you need not think for hours about the next post.

Content Creation

At this stage, an inexperienced person will definitely encounter difficulties. To create a good quality text, you need a lot of experience in copywriting. And you can’t create a visual without the skills of working with photo editors. If you want the content to be of high quality, it is very important that it is created by experts. CONTENIVE employs professional graphic designers and copywriters who will take care of the quality of content for your business.

Not enough time to post

Daily posting is very tiring, isn’t it? You should always keep in mind what time you need to post. And sometimes you can forget about it or not find the time. CONTENIVE will take care of it! CONTENIVE’s specialists know the optimal time for posting content and will set everything up themselves.

Not knowing how to analyze the effectiveness of social networks

Analytics and reporting in business are essential in everything, including social networks! But not everyone knows what indicators to pay attention to and where to look at this analytics. The CONTENIVE service shows analytics on important indicators. This will help you understand which posts perform well and offer high engagement. And supported by this information and its analysis, you can increase the effectiveness of your social networks.

As you can see, there are many difficulties in SMM. It takes experience, skills and time. Therefore, we recommend using the CONTENIVE service. The CONTENIVE specialists and artificial intelligence will take over the social networks of your business! Visit here me: thedolive  Touch here visit now: topwebs

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