What is the best method for NRA CET exam preparation?

The NRA-CET exam is expected to begin in 2022, therefore, all government job applicants should get their socks up as soon as possible. Because this will be a new experience for most students, they are eager to learn about the preparation plan and advice. Before moving on to the preparation plan, students must first realise that NRA-CET is similar to any other preliminary exam that must be passed in order to advance to the next level of exams held by recruitment bodies such as IBPS, RRB, and SSC.

Let’s talk about a complete study plan for the upcoming NRA CET  exam. In addition, you will receive expert advice on how to prepare during the planning period. Please read the entire text before beginning your preparation for the NRA-CET exam.

NRA-CET Exam Subject-by-Subject Preparation Strategy

We’ll now move on to the subject-by-subject approach to studying. In this section, we’ll go over a step-by-step process for preparing each subject on the curriculum.

Students who plan to take this test should study the entire article to have a general idea of the NRA-CET  exam preparation strategy.

Preparation for Quantitative Aptitude

This is the most difficult of all the sections. The vast majority of candidates shy away from delving too deeply into this part. Keep in mind, however, that you only need to understand the essential principles of 2-3 chapters to get started. The concepts learned in these foundational chapters are then applied throughout the book.

  • Up to 30 tables should be reviewed. Remember square and cube roots, since they will come in helpful during the exam.
  • Convert fractions and percentages in your head.

Important Exam Preparation Topics include:

  • Average\sPercentage
  • Interest\sPartnership
  • Pipe & Cistern Time Work
  • percentage equal proportion
  • Mensuration
  • Geometry

Preparation Strategy for Reasoning Ability

This segment focuses on using your creativity and getting some exercise rather than memorising formulas. During the exam, the examiner will most likely try to put your common sense to the test. To master this section and earn good grades, you must practise many questions from various chapters.

  • The slogan for this area is “practise, practise, practise.” In this part, there are only few formulas to remember.
  • You must first grasp the concepts of syllogism, inequality, direction sense, blood relation, order, and ranking before going on to the next chapter.

Important Exam Preparation Topics include:

  • Inequality
  • Syllogism
  • Directional distance between blood relatives
  • Order and ranking of the Alphanumeric Series Puzzle

Preparation for the English Language

This section is once again considered the most overlooked by candidates. They make every effort to get away from it. You’ll almost certainly be stuck in the mains because it will put your comprehension and reading speed to the test. As a result, make it a point to begin studying English right away.

  • The two most significant sections in this area are grammar and vocabulary/comprehension.
  • Before practising as many questions as possible, review the grammar rules from any standard book. Don’t try to force the grammar rules into your head. Simply go over the rules and practise the MCQs.
  • Make it a habit to read the newspaper every day and note down new vocabulary to broaden your horizons.

Important Preparation Topics:

  • Test for cloze
  • Understanding what you’re reading
  • Error detection
  • the jumble
  • Columns must be matched.
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Strategy for Preparing for General Awareness

Some candidates do not pass the exam because they do not meet the sectional cut-off for this section. Yes, there is a lot to cover in this subject, but with the right plan, tools, and perseverance, you can easily get a score of more than 80%.

  • To practice/revise static gk MCQs, use the BYJU’S Exam Prep app.
  • Concentrate on the hot themes over the last six months.
  • To begin, divide the entire part into sub-topics such as current events, static GA, polity, history, and economics, and go over each section one at a time.
  • The key to success in this part is revision.
  • Make it a practise to read newspapers on a regular basis, focusing on current events.

Important Preparation Topics:

  • Appointment Obituaries Award Functions on a National/International Scale
  • New government initiatives
  • States that have resigned are in the headlines.
  • In the news are a number of prestigious institutions.
  • India’s position in several indexes
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks Names
  • Stadiums’ names

To get further clarity on the NRA CET exam, you can visit BYJU’S Exam Prep. Stay connected with our education blog in India.

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