What is Online Employee Time Clock Software And Do You Really Need It?

Every business needs a way to record employee hours and attendance. Many companies still use a physical job clock and manual punching to keep track of time. While this may seem like a perfectly acceptable way to manage employee hours, several problems accompany this method. Changing methods may seem like a waste of money or like it isn’t necessary; however, there are benefits to updating your time tracking systems.

Online time clock software is a way to update your time tracking system and streamline your business while getting rid of those outdated and costly time clocks and manual team time tracking methods.

What Is Online Employee Time Clock Software?

Online employee time clock software replaces a manual time clock and places it onto a computer or smart device. The software houses all the features of a traditional timeclock plus many more and, thanks to computerized automation, makes the process of tracking employee hours much faster and easier than older methods.

The software is typically licensed to a business entity that pays a flat fee for its use along with a charge based on the number of employees the software is keeping track of. In comparison to physical time clocks that require maintenance and replacement every so often, online employee time clock software is maintained automatically and constantly updated, plus new features can be added as you see fit, making it more and more functional as time moves on.

Why You Need Online Employee Time Clock Software

There are many ways that online employee time clock software can help your business and make it and your employees more productive. Here are a few reasons why you need an online timecard system.

Eliminate Error Filled Timesheets

Paying your employees is vital to the success of your business, but having to fill out timesheets comes with the potential for errors. Every error that has to be fixed comes with additional time and resources to fix it. Add to that the possibility to overlook a mistake and accidentally underpay an employee, and you have a whole range of problems starting with unhappy employees.

Not only does online employee time clock software automate the time tracking process, but it is also guaranteed to be error-free and can’t be altered without manager approval. Even if alterations are made, every change is logged and recorded so that if an issue arises, there is proof.

This means faster and more accurate payouts along with lower payroll expenses. This will lower costs and raise employee morale since they don’t have to worry about getting paid.

More Security

Online employee timesheet software has many safety and security features that don’t exist with manual time clocks. For starters, employee clocks ins are unique and can’t be copied by others. On top of that, facial recognition and other technology can be added to make employee data even more secure.

There are also features to protect company assets such as GPS location trackers, geofencing that only lets employees clock in within a specific area, and productivity trackers that can be used in conjunction with other features to ensure everyone is in their assigned areas performing their assigned tasks.

Give Employees More Control

Another benefit of online employee time clock software is allowing employees to work without constant supervision and micromanagement. The software has all the data managers need available right when they need it in real-time.

Employees can track their hours, request time off, and even report problems if needed, all from the online employee time clock software. This allows them to focus on their job without finding a manager for each situation that arises.

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