What is Fibonacci and Instructions on How to Use Specific Fibonacci

What is Fibonacci?  is not a term that every player can grasp when participating in betting. Today they have been used more widely, so they require understanding from members when placing bets. The benefit of using Fibonacci will give bettors a larger source of profit. So follow the following article to know what they mean!

What is the term Fibonacci?

What is Fibonacci –This is known to be a well-known tactic in math and today has a common application. Their names are also taken after the mathematician of the same name to show gratitude to him. This tactic was born in Italy and published in 1202 in the book Liber Abaci. the house soon put into the application of this strategy.

However, according to some official research, Fibonacci is an invention in mathematics of the Indians. They have even been around since 200 BC. That shows that the development of mathematics and its application was known quite early. Currently, Fibonacci is also commonly used in many different subjects, especially betting.

What is the term Fibonacci?

What is the usage of Fibonacci at789BET 

Understand What is Fibonacci?  You need to know how to use this tactic. Because that’s how you can use them flexibly to get the most efficiency. That is:

The effect of the Fibonacci sequence of numbers

Fibonacci is currently known as a series of symbols in mathematics and is commonly applied in betting and many other fields at the bookie.789BET. They are described with the specific formula as:N3 = N1 + N2

This means that you will work on 2 adjacent numbers to get the next number. For example, the sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 11, and 21 is the Fibonacci sequence.

Effective Fibonacci strategy at789BET?

Considering the statistical results in the English Premier League season 2019 – 2020, there were 92 matches that ended with a draw with a total of 380 matches. Therefore, the probability of a tie is calculated as 24.5% with a tie rate of 1 to 2,618. Therefore, if you choose to bet according to this strategy, you will win 1 out of every 4 matches. Players will benefit from 3 units when applying Fibonacci.

The amount of profit earned is $ 7 which means that after 380 you will receive $ 1,768. Currently, there are many brothers who have successfully applied this strategy and brought the winning chance to almost 100%. Currently, the brothers in the betting world all choose and know Fibonacci to apply. In addition, some areas of financial investment also use this tactic.

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What are the downsides of the Fibonacci strategy?

Currently, Fibonacci is known as an effective and comprehensive strategy. However, in the process of using it, there are still certain limitations that you need to be aware of, such as:

Bets take place with unpredictable developments, so players cannot bet on many different games at the same time. Brothers when participating in a time must calculate to split the number of bets. Therefore, if you win, the amount of profit you earn is not much.

If you want to overcome and increase profits when betting with Fibonacci, players need to divide the betting time appropriately for each subject. Because if so, you will capture the time of the matches without missing out.

Players should not stubbornly apply only Fibonacci to a single team. Because in fact it will make you lose if there is no calculation. You need to learn how to analyze matches in all disciplines to recognize and maximize the effects of tactics.

What are the downsides of the Fibonacci strategy?

How to apply Fibonacci in football?

Understand What is Fibonacci?  Players will surely be eager to put them into practice. Currently, football is the most used sport by goalkeepers. To do this, you need to watch 4 to 5 matches at the same time to know what’s going on. From there, calculate to increase the bet level in the order of 20 to 30% compared to the original as follows:

  • The first match: bet 20 degrees, the result is lost.
  • Second match: continue to bet 20 dollars and lose again.
  • Third match: now use the Fibonacci strategy and increase the bet to 20%.
  • The fourth match: although the results are still not good, please increase your money up to 30%.
  • The fifth match: in this game with a bet of 50% of the original capital, you will win back all that you have lost.

How to apply Fibonacci in football?

Question What is Fibonacci? We have learned and shared with our players through the content of the above article.789BET is currently one of the bookies with many players using this strategy in bets. You can come here to get yourself the best experience and the chance to win with high profits.

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