Ways for You to Celebrate Australia Day

Every January 26, Australia celebrates its official national holiday — Australia Day. It is the day where schools and most businesses are closed to commemorate the landing of the First Fleet, an 11 ship convoy carrying convicts from Britain and Ireland.

Aussies celebrate Australia Day differently. Some hold boat races, others celebrate with a parade, while others light fireworks. But, while the festivities differ, one thing remains constant—the Australia Day decorations that adorn every home and business establishment.

So how do you celebrate Australia Day? Here are some ways to make the day more festive:

Have a barbeque

There’s nothing more Aussie than throwing something on the barbie while enjoying a cold drink. So you can have a barbeque party with your family and mates to celebrate Australia Day. It is the perfect day for a sausage sizzle, steaks, kebab, lamb cuts, chicken wings, and shrimps-on-a-stick. 

Play backyard cricket

After having a barbie fest, you can burn down what you downed with a friendly game of backyard cricket. It is a game where the young and old can play. You don’t even have to have the necessary equipment. You only need a ball, something to hit the ball with, and a rubbish bin, and you are good to go. After your fun game, you can have another go at the barbie.

Go to the beach

There is nothing more Australian than celebrating at the beach. But of course, you can bring your barbie and cricket match to the beach, too. It is fun to spend the day at the beach and meet with friends and family. 

Head to a community event

Most communities in Australia organize public events for Australia Day. For example, they may hold sports matches, concerts, festivals, and parades. You can check out your community’s event calendar to get a rundown of the festivities that will be happening.

If you are up for an adventure, you can also go to a major Australian city to participate in their community event. For example, Melbourne organizes a huge street parade, while Sydney has its boat races. 

Watch the fireworks

Most cities and towns have a fireworks display in the evening. You can go with your family and have a picnic as you watch the colourful fireworks light up the evening skies. You can head to a place with a good view to fully enjoy the spectacles. You can also play some nice music while the fireworks are happening for a hipper vibe. 

Make Australia-themed crafts

This activity is great for families with children to enjoy. You can decorate paper boomerangs using bright paints. You can also make visors with Australian flags. Or you can print an outline of the Australian flag and have the kids colour them. 

Decorate your house with Australia Day decorations

One of the best ways to celebrate the day is to fill your house with the Australian flag to showcase your Aussie love. You can also use Australian-themed towels, magnets, balloons, tablecloths, and posters. You can even hang Australian flags on your car for a patriotic ride.

Wear Australian gear

You can get wild and weird on this day. Get decked out in whacky sunglasses, an Australian flag bucket hat, Aussie singlet, and Aussie-themed necklaces. You can even wear an Australian flag apron while manning the barbie.

These are just some activity ideas that you can do on Australia Day. However, the best way to celebrate the day is to spend it with your family and mates.

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