Unconventional Social Media Marketing Tips for Realtors in 2022

So, you’re looking for a way to up your marketing game. As any good real estate agent will no doubt know full well, marketing yourself and your services is the backbone of a successful real estate business, so it makes sense that you’d want to improve your strategy! With the wide variety of tools at your disposal, one of the most pressing difficulties you’re likely to face is choosing how to spend your marketing dollars!

For example, one of the most popular ways to market yourself is conventional advertising. This typically involves a variety of different advertising mediums such as flyers, business cards and even billboards. Regardless which combination of these tools you choose, this is a fairly viable way to get your name out there.

Pay-per-click advertising is another great way for real estate agents to put themselves out there. By submitting a bid for a search keyword, you can have your website displayed at the top of the page whenever that keyword is searched. Every time someone clicks the link to your page, you’ll be charged the amount determined in your bid. This medium is a good choice if you’re looking to spend a very specific amount of money on marketing.

There’s another option, however, that is sometimes overlooked by real estate agents, is social media marketing. This thoroughly useful and immensely utilitarian tool can be used by just about any real estate agent, and there are a near endless variety of possibilities and potential. Are you curious to learn more? Keep reading!

Social media: the real estate agent’s secret superpower

So, you want to tap into the vast, virtually limitless possibilities offered by the world of real estate social media. If you’re not using this set of tools, you’re missing out big time! In this section, we’re going to be breaking down the best and most effective ways that you can maximize your reach and returns using social media as a real estate agent. Follow these tips, and you’ll feel like you’ve unlocked real estate agent superpowers!

Promote your page

The first and most obvious way to improve your social media presence is to promote your page. Most social media platforms offer the option to have your page shown to users of your choosing for a fee. This will allow you to reach users that would ordinarily not search for your page or service, effectively allowing you to tap into a vast market of potential clients.

To effectively utilize this feature, you’ll need to have a target demographic in mind. It’s helpful to commit some time to researching your local real estate market to find out which niches are in highest demand. If you’ve got the time and willpower, you can even conduct some primitive focus testing, asking attendants at your open houses or other related events for their feedback on your service. With some effort, you should know your target market before long.

Once this is taken care of, you’ll want to spend some time learning the technical side of social media marketing, getting a firm grasp on the basics of targeting a specific demographic or set of demographics. If you’re worried about this step, you shouldn’t sweat it; most social media platforms make advertising a breeze with intuitive and easy to navigate interfaces for purchasing ad space.

Hire a content writer

Another excellent option for those seeking a boost to their social media presence is hiring a professional content writer. While this may not immediately seem like the best use of your money, hiring a professional content writer can secure you a number of compelling advantages over your competitors. So what do these advantages look like, you ask? Let’s take a look.

First and foremost, hiring a professional content writer will help you appear as professional as possible, securing new clients based solely off of this fact alone. Even if you consider yourself a capable writer, it’s unlikely that you have the experience that a professional content writer will. With this added level of expertise, you can expect a content writer to provide your social media with that invaluable competitive edge.

Another way in which a professional content writer can help you is by penning an impressively professional bio. In case you didn’t know, having a good bio is one of the best ways to gain your clients’ trust. With the help of a professional content writer, you’ll have a bio worthy of a Fortune 500 CEO in no time flat!

Add professional photos

While social media more or less revolves around written text, the thing that really catches the public’s eye are good photographs. With the benefit of some professional photography, your page will leap right off the screen! Conversely, real estate agents who don’t populate their social media pages with professional and high quality photos will no doubt suffer for it.

Of course, good photographs aren’t cheap; if you want good ones, you’ll probably end up paying a pretty penny. If you’re willing to foot the bill, the first thing you’ll want to do is commission some good photographs of yourself. If your profile picture is currently a blurry, low resolution selfie taken with your mobile phone, you’ll want to change it immediately!

A professional photographer will also help you capture photos of listings, adding a special sense of flair and refinement to otherwise dull and lifeless properties. Generally speaking, a suboptimal property looks better when photographed by someone who knows what they’re doing, while even an impressive property won’t be done any favors if you photograph it with a bad camera. You will need to know about list of realtors.

Make a video

Taking our emphasis on the importance of digital media to the next level, those wishing to really go above and beyond when optimizing their social media presence should seek to produce video media for their page. This can be prohibitively expensive, but once you have the videos they’ll be an immensely helpful tool in promoting your page and business.

A good place to start when it comes to videos is an introductory piece for yourself and your business. Think of this as a sort of audio-visual bio, one in which you are able to not only share your qualifications and skill set, but also your mannerisms, apparel and body language. Do it right, and you can expect an influx of clients!


Well, there you have it; these are some of our best tips for real estate agents seeking to optimize their social media presence and make the best possible use of their time on these platforms. This is far from a comprehensive list, so go out there and try out something new. The sky’s the limit!

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