Top Tips for A Good Home Hygiene

How you take care of yourself and the place where you live is through personal hygiene. Good hygiene practices not only keep us clean and healthy, but also safeguard those around us. Keeping yourself clean will keep away viruses and bacteria. Below are some home hygiene tips that you must know.

  • The surfaces and items that are frequently touched in the house as guests arrive and leave may pose a health risk to people around. Hence, it is important to clean the high-traffic areas such as kitchen surfaces, switches, and door handles. Encourage your family to practice good personal hygiene habits by cleaning these same areas and washing their hands frequently.
  • According to studies, the majority of us spend about 50 to 60hrs per week sleeping in bed. This means maintaining the bed sheets and pillow covers clean is very important. It is recommended to wash them at least once a week to avoid health problems. If you have pets in your home, then it is required to wash them more frequently.
  • It’s a good idea to routinely clean and sanitizes your flooring. As the soles of your shoes can bring dangerous bacteria from outdoors into your home, which might be especially dangerous if you have babies crawling or playing on the floor. To encourage guests to observe your personal hygiene standards, request them to leave their shoes at the entrance. If you are unable to follow this, ensure that you clean your floors as frequently as possible.
  • To get fresh and clean air into your home, leave your windows open. Since windows and doors must be frequently opened in order to let fresh air into the house because modern homes are airtight, see our advice for doing so.

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  • Along with computers, laptops, computer keyboards, and TV remotes, your phone is one of the worst items to keep germs. Hence, it is important to wash your hands whenever you use your mobile phone and other items that are mentioned above.
  • You need to keep your fridge clean, just like the way you keep your floor and kitchen surfaces clean. Regularly cleaning your refrigerator and checking expiration dates reduce the risk of food contamination.
  • Everybody loves their pets. However, this doesn’t mean that you will ignore following personal hygiene habits. It’s crucial to maintain good personal hygiene when you have pets at your home. In order to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and pet hair on surfaces, ensure that you wash your hands after playing with your pets. Toys and other objects for your pet should be kept away from your children and should be cleaned frequently. Keep the area where your pet sleeps and plays clean and tidy.

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