Top Must have Sarees for Every Indian Woman

What is most arresting about the Indian traditional ceremonies , events, and weddings? Well, apart from the royal rich culture, merriment, and even that of astonishing feasts, it needs to be all the stunning women, decked up in lovely Indian outfits, mainly the evergreen, classy sarees.

Maybe only six yards of flat fabric, a saree actually transforms to be one of the most graceful , elegant and stunning outfits for any sort of occasion. It compliments and emphasizes the feminine curves and bodies of all sorts and lets a female flaunt her distinct personality. You can check out different types of plain sarees or any type of designer sarees as per your choice and comfort level.

No wonder, Sarees are characteristic to the Indian woman’s DNA – wherever she might be from, or whatever her preferences and lifestyle could be, and that explains why nearly every Indian state or region owns its special sari, draping style, and even that of weave. Bengal, Maharashtra, and even that of Gujarat have contributed to the huge textile of beautiful Indian handloom sarees.   The point is simple, every single sari represents a unique type of culture of its origin or region. Although the list approximately is endless. In this post, you would come across some rare and graceful beautiful sarees that you must own.

A lightweight saree

Who says you cannot wear sarees all day? Exemplify the right spirit of office drudge or that of college schedule in a stylish yet comfy type of saree. Not only does it reproduce an offbeat manner of life, but even makes you feel empowered in an effortless manner. Pile up on breezy linen or that of even cotton sarees and make your daily look unique and yet roam around restfully from morning to night. Whether you are a teenager, a lady in late twenties, mid-forties, or sixty plus or any one; you can find these light weighted yet elegant sarees really plain yet wonderful. You would love these sarees once you try them for sure.

A Versatile type of Silk Saree

Silk always stands as the best fashion the most revered fabric with its fan base levelling from the royal aristocracy to that of modern fashion enthusiasts. Even old Indian literary works explain how gorgeously a woman looks in a pure silk saree. You can easily rock a silk saree in any season or that of even occasion. Thus, every female’s trousseau trunk should definitely have one piece of that of Matka, Dupion,  Chanderi or even that of any other six yards of ‘silk’ opulence!

Now, in the realm of silk sarees, Tussar silk sarees stay really popular. Talking about tussar, it is mainly wild silk generated in the Eastern states of India.  The Tussar silk sarees are even known by the Sanskrit name, Kosa. The Tussar silk saris, owing to the diverse types of silkworms that generate the silk, have more texture than that of the ones formed up in mulberry silk.

Their porous fabric also makes them a lot more breathable and comfortable, and hence tussar sarees are thus all-weather type of drapes. These sarees have a natural golden sheen and are perfect for various occasions. Though its natural shades are in diverse colours of cream or beige, the drapes are even available in vibrant sort of colours.

The conventional type of Tussar silk saris are known for their golden undertones, where the body is absolutely in its original colouring, while there are diverse shaded pallavs and borders, embroideries such as Kantha, or even hand-painted Madhubani paintings or that of floral motifs across the body. Since tussar is somewhat wild silk, generated from a diversity of silk moths, it is somewhat lower in expense than that of mulberry silks. The stylishness of these saris blend up with their affordability makes them even a lot more loved and popular. Anyhow, you should also know that other than tussar, India even generates a few other types of silks from that of the natural growth of moths and cocoons. These sarees are known as wild silks , a few of them even call them Ahimsa silks.

Paithani Sarees

Paithani is a charismatic hand-woven silk saree branded by its rich woven borders. With an exquisite and that of ornamental Zari (gold thread) Pallav (Pallu) and that of a border characterized by bright colours, it is the go-to saree for special and that of even festive occasions. These wonderful sarees have distinct type of sloping or oblique borders, having usually peacock, flower, and even that of vine designs on the Pallav. Buddhist paintings have even impacted many of the designs in such heritage weaves from Maharashtra.

The Mughal custom also seems to have a stamp on the Paithani sarees, that is visible in the shape of bird motifs such as the overall pheasant, peacocks, and parrots with floral and vine motifs.  What makes the Paithani type of sarees particularly enticing is the confluence of vibrant shades, distinct designs, and the richness of the fabric! These sarees are extremely expensive drapes and a preference for many Maharashtrian brides as the wedding sarees for them.

You can choose to wear these types of sarees for any wedding occasion in the family or a housewarming party for your brand new house or even Diwali party, these saris could be an ideal pick for conventional events, where you want to put your finest foot forward. Similarly , remember that these being typical bridal sarees, they are even an apt choice for a marriage trousseau.

Kalamkari Sarees

Kalamkari is a type of Indian art, which is believed to have originated more than three thousand years ago. Deriving its name from Persian word Kalam (Pen) as well as Kari (work), the Kalamkari art includes hand painting with the usage of a pointed bamboo or that of date palm stick. Various Kalamkari sarees are also formed up by a conventional block printing process, where they simply go through as many as twenty or even more stages.  These hand-drawn type of designs add an old-world attraction to silk handloom saris. The exquisite storyboards portrayed on the saris  at times even from mythology, sometimes from classical dances -are definite to catch the attention of connoisseurs.


To sum up , these were just a few of many types of sarees that you must have. Get these sarees from snapdeal and you are going to love them for sure. Any occasion or event; you would look mesmeric!

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