Top Career Options for Science Students 

One of the most pursued courses in India after passing the 12th board is science. Many candidates opt for this field to pursue their dream careers. With the huge technological advancements and evolution of various fields, the opportunities for various career options have opened up. Diving into the field needs the individual to be great with his technical skills and must have sound knowledge of the topic concerned. Besides being a doctor and engineer, there are many other options available in the current day world after you complete high school with science. 

Are you one of those science pass outs who is willing to explore further in this field? Are you someone who is looking for suggestions to choose a decent career option in the science field? If you affirm these questions, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, we’ll talk about some of the top career options that you can go for being a science pass-out. 

Top Career Options for Science Pass Outs 

In the list that follows we have mentioned the most in-demand career options that you can go for as a science pass-out. 

Data Science: One of the most rapidly growing sectors in present times is Data Science. The domain deals with the critical concepts of data visualization, collection, databases, and so on. Many young talents these days opt for this career path and earn a handsome sum based on skills and experience. 

The various job titles in this domain could be data architect, data engineer, data scientist, and data analyst. Besides many top Indian institutes, many famous online course selling sites offer this program to enthusiastic learners. Top brands like IBM, Oracle Corporation, Google, and Accenture hire skilled data science professionals as per their requirements. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: In the current digital setting, artificial intelligence and Machine learning are high in demand. The courses throw insight into the concepts like machine learning, applied statistics, motion analysis, object tracking, etc. Many aspirants who love working on machines and robotics, opt for this field. 

Candidates in this domain can work as a Business Intelligence Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, AI Engineer, and Big Data Engineer or Architect. Top institutes and online course selling sites offer this exclusive program to interested learners. Unicorns like LinkedIn, Amazon, and Apple recruit skilled professionals in this domain at their firms. 

Forensic Sciences: Forensic science is among the popular fields that candidates choose after completing their 12th with science. It’s an interesting field that focuses on the investigation, analysis, and evidence of a particular crime spot. The individual might explore different corners of the segment including collecting evidence from the spot. 

The various job roles entitled to this domain could be forensic engineer, forensic accountant, forensic investigator, science technician, forensic engineer, and so on. State hospitals, general medical and surgical hospitals, Treasury departments, and Health and Human Services recruit skilled forensic professionals based on their needs and requirements. 

Technical Writer: In this technology-driven, digital world, where firms are running busy selling their business products and services, the demand for technical writers is high! Technical writers mostly draft content related to technicals, machinery, social media awareness, and anything specific to the business. 

You can start from scratch and be a skilled technical content developer over time. You can even sign up for a master class at a popular course selling website, learn the basics there, and derive practical exposure through live projects. Top brands like Salesforce, Deloitte, Oracle, and Intel hire skilled technical writers to market their products and services. 

Software Development: One of the most promising and popular career paths for a science student in software development. A software designer solely takes care of the back-end tasks and must have a staunch problem-solving capacity to solve the complex problems in this segment. Software developers exclusively work with algorithms, codes, data, and computers and contribute to the betterment of the firm. 

Top IT companies recruiting skilled software developers include Microsoft, Infosys, Amazon, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, and so on! 

Wrapping Up

These are the top career options that you might go for if not a doctor or engineer as a science student. With ample access to vast resources in this fast-paced world, no dream seems far. So, did you decide which field you are going to choose? 

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