Tools To Make Work From Home Easier

After the pandemic, working from home has brought a strong revolutionary change in the work life of everyone. Now you can easily work from home without facing any problems like how to write on a PDF with apps like PDFSimpli that will help you in editing and converting PDFs into different formats. There are numerous tools that help make your work-from-home effective and efficient. All of them have various benefits, they are easily accessible, easy to use, affordable, and productive. Just have a look at them.


Are you looking for an all-in-one project management tool? ProofHub is the right choice for you to opt for. It has interesting features to manage tasks, track the work hours of every employee, and generate project reports. ProofHub can easily be combined with other tools that have in-built chats, PDF editor, file sharing, and storing systems. This amazing tool can easily be accessible on iOS, Android, and the Web. It costs $89 per month and offers unlimited projects, users, and 100gb+ storage. 


Another simple and easy-to-use project management tool is Trello. It is valuable to every remote team, where all the projects are categorized separately as per the need. Trello offers you various rewards for the completion of tasks and is very flexible to handle. It has other features like checklists, tag team members, and deadline notifications, which are helpful for the team heads to track the record of employees. It costs almost $20.83 per month. 


Slack is one of the best tools for managing and communicating with a team. It is an instant messaging platform, where team members can have a formal conversation and streamline the business processes. Slack has numerous features like automated reminders, voice and video conferencing, and direct messages. It charges not more than $7 per month per user. 


It is an organizing tool, which analyses and sorts out the items in the best possible way to avoid any chaos. Evernote is a note-making and data-storing software, where you can schedule your tasks, plans, etc, and it will give you reminders. Also, you can keep all the track of your team and manage their activities. Moreover, it automatically syncs into your device. Evernote has a free version but for business use, it costs $8 per month. 


These are the work-from-home tools that will help you to derive the best solutions. Technology can help you in different ways from organizing your business activities to tracking all your passwords and developing innovative ideas. 

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