Tips for Relocating Back to the UK and Finding a Property

Are you considering returning to the UK after living abroad for a while? It can be a dauntingtask relocating back to your home country, but with the right planning and advice it doesn’thave to be difficult. In this blog post, we will outline some of thebest tips for relocating backto the UK andhow to find your idealproperty. So whether you are just starting to plan yourmove or you are already in the process, read on for helpful advice.

Using a UK buying agent

Hiring a property buying agent in the UKcan be extremely helpful when relocating back tothe UK and trying to find the ideal property. A buying agent will have in-depth knowledge ofthe local market andhave contacts with local estate agents, developers and even propertyownerswho arelookingto sell, giving you first hand access to a wealth of local knowledgeand contacts that will make your property search easier.

They’ll take a detailed brief from you so they have a clear picture of the type and style ofproperty you’re looking for and search for potential properties that meet your criteria.They’ll also view potential properties on your behalf,so you don’t have to make too manyunnecessary trips back to the UK.

They can also assist with the negotiation process and help to avoid any pitfalls. If you arenot familiar with the area you are moving back to, a buying agent can be an invaluableresource because they are familiar withlocalproperty prices, allowing you to pitch youroffer competitively and realistically so that you don’t miss outagainst other potential buyers.

When looking for a property in the UK, it may take some time before your ideal propertycomes on the market. It’s advisable to have a clear idea of budget and location before youstart your search to help narrow down potential options. Property in the UK over the lasttwo years has remained in low supply and good quality properties tend to get snapped upvery quickly.Having a buying agent in the UK will give you a better chance of securing therightproperty quickly.You may also want to consider renting for a while so that you are onthe ground for quick viewings.

Virtual property viewings

A buying agent can provide virtual video tours of your shortlist ofproperties,giving youtheir views and feedback on the property against your criteria. This can be extremely helpfulif you are based overseas and cannot make regular trips to the UK to view properties.

They will also provide you with a detailed report on each property they have viewed, so thatyou can get an understanding of the market and what is available within your budget.

Finding the right schools

If you are relocating with family, another important consideration is schooling for yourchildren. Do some research on the best schools in your area, check availability in therelevant year groupsand make sure you apply inaccordance with published timescales. If you need to live in a particular catchment area for a state school you might want to arrangeschool visits when you view a shortlist of properties so that you can target your propertysearchin that location.

Area familiarisation

Moving can be disorienting.It cantake time to feel at ease in a new location, especially ifyou have lived abroad for some time.A good Buying Agent will provideanAreaFamiliarisation service, show you around your new neighbourhood with a complete tour ofthe local areato help you and your family settle in quickly.

Finally, once you have sorted out all of the practicalities of relocating back to the UK, don’tforget totake some time to settle in and enjoy your new home. Explore your local area, joinclubs and societies, and make the most of all that the UK has to offer.

If you are considering relocating back to the UK, hiring a UK buying agent likeCounty Homesearch to help with your property search will not only save time and hassle, it will alsohelp to secure a property that meets your needs, allowing you to settle back down to lifeback in UKquickly and smoothly.

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