Things you can do with washi tape

Looking for a clean and cheaper way to liven up your property or workplace area? Try washi tape!

In case you’re a crafter, you’ve got likely heard of washi tape, or visible among the lots of washi tape tasks on Pinterest. However those who are less familiar may be wondering what all of the hype is ready – and how they are able to incorporate washi tape into simple crafts to enhance their residing spaces. Fortunately, we are right here to reply your questions!

Washi tape is good, ornamental paper overlaying tape. It is skinny, long lasting, made from natural fibers like hemp and bamboo, cheaper, and is derived in hundreds of colors and patterns.

The tape is straightforward to stick to many surfaces – consisting of wood, plastic, and steel – and is easy to cast off without negative it.Here are a few custom washi tape craft ideas to get your creativity flowing:

Wall art

Create precise wall artwork the usage of washi tape! This is a extremely good assignment in case you live in a rented apartment and can’t paint or drill holes within the walls to grasp art.

Create minimalistic geometric designs with washi tape in stable colorings, or strive special patterns to create a mural topic. Due to the fact that washi tape is not everlasting, you can strive several at a time, or switch them out as your style modifications.

Instant poster frames

Hanging paper has become very easy with washi tape. No need for actual frames – just tape the picture or poster to your wall, then use washi tape to create a beautiful border around the picture.

Cut solid colored washi tape into fun shapes and patterns, or choose washi tape with eye-catching patterns like stripes and polka dots. Washi tape frames are easy to install, and won’t leave marks on your walls when you remove them.

Picture frames

If you have cheap picture frames, washi tape is a great way to make them yourself. Use colored washi tape to match your home or office furniture decoration. You can even make funny, patterned frames to give as gifts!

Laptops & notebooks

Fix your laptop and notebooks with washi tape designs. For a more organized look, decorate your keyboard or the pages of your notebooks with washi tape patterns.

Custom made bookmarks

Bookmarks decorated with washi tape are perfect for gift giving, school time, or even to add some flair to your personal library. All you have to do is choose your favorite washi tape colors and patterns and place them on top of these great tags. For more customizable colors and patterns, check out our patterned washi tape sets.

Nail art

Use washi tape to give yourself a quick, easy, and amazing manicure! Just trace the shape of your nail on the washi tape pattern, cut out the shape with scissors, and replace it with liquid nail polish.

Use the tape alone as a play manicure for kids or, if you want to add more staying power to your nails, use a top coat and top coat to accompany the tape. Get creative with the pattern of your choice – for special occasions, we recommend using glittery tape.

Colorful washi tape pencils

Washi tape can be used to turn ordinary office items into items of inspiration! Just choose your favorite patterned custom washi tape (we love chevron!) And apply your pencil. To really customize your pencil, finish it off with colorful feathers!


There’s nothing better than receiving a handwritten note in the mail – and you’ll get bonus points for showing up from your loved ones with these beautifully decorated envelopes! Create a washi tape border – you can use a heart pattern for valentine’s day or make wedding invitation envelopes super cute with colorful ribbon tape. Feel free to decorate your cards and labels with tapes too!


Diy bunting adds a touch of sophistication to any party decoration or gift. Just choose a paint color or pattern for your banner, and attach washi tape to the colored twine. For themed or festive bunting, consider christmas-themed washi tape (perfect for office holiday parties. ) for babies, birthdays, or spring parties, try a cute floral pattern tape.


Finally, think outside the box and cut different washi shapes to make your own stickers! Stick them on anything, from stationery to kitchen utensils.

Toothpick flags

Washi tape turns every tooth into an adorable little flag – this easy, quick idea isn’t just for fun eating but for any kind of decoration you can think of! Tape a line of tape, place the picture in the middle and press it down, then fold the tape over. Don’t worry too much if you can’t get the edges right – nothing a pair of scissors can’t fix!

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