Things to Know About Palace Beauty Galleria

Palace Beauty Galleria is a Korean-owned beauty store located within the Koreatown Galleria mall on Olympic Boulevard. Here they stock an extensive range of Korean skincare and hair care products as well as cosmetics, accessories, lingerie items – everything you need for high quality yet affordable Korean beauty supplies! If you’re searching for affordable high quality Korean beauty supplies – look no further!

Korean Beauty Products

Palace Beauty Galleria offers an extensive selection of Korean beauty products, such as skin care, makeup and hair products. Their knowledgeable staff sells these items at competitive prices with frequent sales and discounts. Visit them today to explore all that they have to offer!

If you’re new to K-beauty and looking for beauty store near me, this store is an excellent starting point. Their knowledgeable staff can answer any queries and assist in selecting products suitable for your requirements.

This shop stocks an impressive selection of high-end Korean beauty brands, along with unique packaging and ingredients that may not be found elsewhere. We especially love its rubber sheet masks which look somewhat horror movie-ish when applied but actually help reduce blemishes. A must-stop for anyone interested in K-beauty trends!


Palace Beauty Galleria stands out with its sophisticated design and expansive selection of beauty supplies. This cosmetics and hair styling expert has a discerning customer base, which comes as no surprise: The place feels like a salon on wheels with knowledgeable staff who provide the latest advice in skin care, haircare and nail technology. At this glitzy high-tech retailer you’re sure to find something for everyone here.


The Palace Beauty Galleria is your go-to shop for women’s lingerie and bras. They carry brands such as Secrets in Lace, Eres, and Kiki de Montparnasse as well as an extensive selection of accessories like bangles and rakhi. Located on Level 2 next to Build-A-Bear and Shoe Palace, The Palace Beauty Galleria has something for everyone.

Palace Beauty Galleria Los Angeles

Palace Beauty Galleria is a well-known korean beauty store that sells an extensive selection of skincare and makeup items. Their inventory ranges from eyeshadow to lip balm and nail polish; plus they have cute accessories from both Korea and Japan.

They are open Monday through Sunday from 10am-6pm, with friendly and helpful staff who offer samples of many items.

This store stocks some of the latest skincare and cosmetics items from Korean brands. They offer an impressive selection of facial masks and other beauty essentials at very reasonable prices.

They offer an excellent online store that’s user-friendly and offers free shipping worldwide. Plus, their loyalty program rewards customers with points which can be exchanged for discounts. It makes the site an invaluable resource for K-beauty enthusiasts – best of all? Everything on sale in the US!

Korean Cosmetics

If you’re searching for a great place to shop for Korean cosmetics, Palace Beauty Galleria should be on your list. They carry an impressive selection of high-tier Korean beauty products at reasonable prices with friendly and helpful staff to boot!

No matter if you’re new to Korean beauty or have been using it for years, this store has everything you need. Plus, they even provide samples of different products so you can try them out first!

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