Things to consider before buying a car battery

An average car battery lasts for about 3 years and it depends on the quality of the type of battery and the conditions under which it is being used. Many people know nothing about the batteries and they end up picking the wrong battery for their car. The car uses different types of batteries. The automatic cars use a start stop battery based on the latest technology. There are some important things that everyone should know before buying a battery for his/her car. Here, in this article, we will discuss some important factors that will help the people who don’t know anything before or those who are new to this field.

Check the Owner’s manual

Before buying a battery it is important to check your owner’s manual. It will help you find the type of battery needed for your car. It also helps you find the size of the battery that best fits your car. If you purchase a battery with a different size then it will not fit in your car and due to vibrations, it will be damaged.

Reserve capacity

Reserve capacity is the ability of the battery to run on its own without getting any power from the car. It is important to choose a battery that has songsindia good reserve capacity as it will help your battery to go dead in case you forget to turn off your lights.

Always look for the batteries that are top listed and check their models and brands.

Battery Freshness

Battery freshness can be checked from a code on the battery that consists of numbers and letters. The battery you are going to buy mustn’t be onlinebahisforum much old. It is because with time the performance of the battery decreases. Therefore, always buy those batteries that are not older than 6 months from their time of manufacturing.


Maintenance-free batteries are those that are sealed and the liquid electrolyte moves freely within them. There is no need for active maintenance as these batteries have a good life span and can last longer. On the other hand, low-maintenance batteries require frequent maintenance and their life span is also low. There are various maintenance-free batteries and the best among them is LiFePO4 battery as compared to lead-acid or any other battery available for commercial use. These batteries are best known for their performance and efficiency.

Cranking Amps

Cranking amp is the ability of a battery to start your car at 32 degrees while cold-cranking is the ability of a battery to start your car in cold conditions. Always go for the battery whose CCA meets or exceeds the original equipment manufacturer’s cranking rate.


One of the most important factors while buying a battery is the warranty. Always buy a battery that has a longer warranty period the company telesup provides free replacement in case anything happened to the battery. There is a free replacement period provided with the prorated period.

Installation of the battery

After buying a good quality battery, the next crucial step is to install the battery. Always remember that installing a battery can be dangerous if you are new and have no idea. The terminals of the battery must be connected correctly as there is a risk of shorting if the positive terminal of your batter gets attached with the metal strip. So, it is advisable to leave the installation to the professionals. There are various mechanics available in the market and you can get it done from anyone with a very small fee.

Final words

Now, you have complete knowledge about news hunt the things that you should consider before buying a battery. Go check these qualities in the batteries and find the one with better performance and efficiency.

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