The Story of My First Bong Purchase

Like every other smoker out there, I decided to up my style and to try my hand at a bong. Rolling and smoking is easy. But when it comes to inhaling herbs through a bong, things can get a bit tedious. I researched earth and sky. Why so much time and effort into purchasing a smoking device? That’s because these are expensive. Plus, I did not want to get stuck with the wrong one. This is the story of my first bong. So, here it goes….

The story of my first bong: Research, Research, Research!!!!

Yesss!!! That’s how I started. There are tons of avenues to buy one from. However, I decided to go the online way. Visiting physical stores one by one would consume too much of my time. However, I did visit one just to see what water pipes look like and hold one in my hands to get a feel. So, my research revealed the following tips-

  1. Usage and Storage– before I rushed to buy myself one, I decided I needed a portable one. Not too big and not too small. Just the right size for me and the apartment. Plus, my pipe is strictly for indoor use. Therefore, it is necessary to decide on factors like size, portability, usage, and storage. If you happen to share your apartment, then do not invest in a gigantic pipe. If you are outdoorsy, then go for a portable piece.
  2. Hush Hush!!!– I had plans to use my water pipe as a showpiece too. So, discretion was not my criteria. But if it’s yours then go for a small one or else hiding a bong will become a task.
  3. Maintenance– I take care of the things I purchase. But even then, water pipes and their paraphernalia can be overwhelming to clean. Thus, the choice for a basic bong. If you feel you can handle the different parts and care for them frequently then, go for a stylish and complicated piece. Note of caution- all smoking devices need regular cleaning. So, if you happen to be a lazy bloke then you will find yourself purchasing a new one ever so frequently.
  4. Educate yourself– I must have seen umpteen YouTube videos on using and handling bongs. They are as complicated as they look. Therefore, the need for so much research. In fact, there isn’t an end to it. Thousands of different types are available. Choosing one can be overwhelming. Hence the need to educate yourself before purchasing one.
  5. Test drive– no not a car but a bong. I was too unsure of the type I wanted. The market being flooded didn’t help matters either. So, I decided to use my friends’ pipes to zero down on the one I wanted. This exercise shall help you arrive at decisions like whether you enjoy hard or simple hits or prefer concentrates over herbs? Test driving a few ones worked for me. Remember, I purchased my instrument online? You cannot try them virtually.
  6. My Material– I wanted the most out of my bong so I went for a glass one. Since I will be mostly using it indoors, I could invest in a glass piece. However, for the butterfingers out there tons of other unbreakable materials exist. Silicone and metal ones are durable. Plastic is in fact cheaper. If you can compromise on the taste, then no harm in putting your money in a durable one. Ceramic is another beautiful material. Bongs made out of it look mesmerizing. However, these are as delicate as the ones made with glass.
  7. Budget– this is where I had to search a lot. Remember this write-up is about the story of my first bong? Hence, I went for a piece that wouldn’t bring me on the street. The first one isn’t the only one. There will be more smoking devices in my life. Once I have mastered the use, I can purchase a more elaborate one. Silicone ones are quite cheap. If you aren’t sure about your preference, try your hand at a cheaper one before shelling out money.
  8. Online websites– as I enlightened you earlier that truckloads of different types exist in the market and, I wanted my purchase to be an exclusive online one. Thus, I checked out every possible online headshop selling a quality bong. Yes, I did check the customer reviews, shipping, and return section before hitting the buy button.
  9. Brand- you might think that since it’s the story of my first bong, I went with a cheaper one. As a matter of fact, I purchased a branded one. My mantra is to get value for my money whether it is a dime or a dollar. So, I purchased a branded one that suited my purpose and fitted my budget. Brands ensure you get quality products and not end up with a tacky one.
  10. Added accessories– I have tried a water bong before. So, I was sure to go slow and try the basic one for sometime before adding extra accessories to it.

What I Learned?

The whole process of purchasing a water bong is a feat in itself. It isn’t like buying clothes online. Careful research goes into it. I followed the necessary steps. I spent hours surfing the online headshops. Spoke to my friends about their experience of using a water pipe. Visited a headshop and collected information from the salesperson. Narrowed down my choices based on the aforementioned tips. Above all, I purchased one that had the highest positive reviews. I placed my order online order confidently and patiently waited for it to get delivered to my doorstep.

The Final Act

Once my newly acquired possession was delivered, I couldn’t wait to get it all together and try my own smoking device. I carefully arranged all the pieces, added water, and the herbs and smoke away. Mind you, I still needed to refer to a few YouTube videos that taught me more than any book could. It’s easier when someone hands over a ready bong and all you have to do is use it. But when it comes to getting your own piece together, it requires skills. Skills that I learned through various sources. Plus, I also learned how to keep my glass bong clean and last me at least till its value. Again, it’s the video tutorials to the rescue. These became a regular feature in my daily life.


My prized possession sits nicely on my mantlepiece. Whenever I look at it I am filled with some sort of pride, a sense of achievement. It is like I have won a trophy for all the efforts I had put in to own my very first bong. Now I and my new best friend spent quality time together and enjoy lazy weekends.

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