The longest tennis match in history

Tennis is one of those sports whose matches don’t have a specific duration. Instead, under very specific conditions, it might happen that they could continue infinitely. While this clearly hasn’t happened yet, there have been contests that have almost approached infinity in terms of duration. Currently one of online betting sites in Pakistan – 1xBet provides excellent chances to wager on the best tennis matches.

French player Nicolas Mahut and American player John Isner will probably never forget what happened in June 2010. Both players came across each other in the first round of Wimbledon.

Isner had a much better ranking than Mahut at that moment. The American was in the 19th place of the ATP ranking, while the Frenchman was in 148th place. The 1xBet Pakistan website is one of online betting sites in the country that features the best chances to wager in all kinds of tennis competitions.

An endless match

The match started on the 22nd of June 2010. The contest started a little after 6 pm. However, there was still enough daylight time in order to finish the match under reasonable conditions. All Wimbledon matches can be wagered live by visiting the platform.

Almost three hours later, it was decided to suspend the match due to a lack of daylight. At that time, the players had just started the fifth set.

On the 23rd, both players started playing again at approximately 2 pm. However, after being 6-6 in the fifth set, no player was able to break the other’s service. At almost 6 pm, the record of the most extensive contest had already been broken. Eventually, at 9 pm, having played seven hours only that day, things were tied 59-59 in the final set of the game. For wagering on these incredible tennis matches, you can visit the great 1xBet betting platform, which has a complete tennis section.

Third and final day

At 3:40 pm on the 24th, both players went once again to the court. However, they played for little more than an hour. The permits all its bettors to wager on Grand Slams from their mobile gadgets.

Isner won 70-68 in the final set. However, there are a few takeaways from this incredible event. For example:

  • both players achieved more than 100 aces;
  • the final set was a little more 8 hours long, which made it the longest set ever in the history of the sport
  • and of course, the time record for the longest match ever was broken, as well as the match with the largest number of games.

However, Wimbledon organizers soon introduced a new role to prevent these endless contests. Specifically, a tie-break is played if the final set ends in a 12-12 tie. Making wagers while tennis tie-breaks are being played is now possible from the 1xBet mobile platform.

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