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One of the best ways to get traffic to your Pinterest account is to pin relevant stuff. You can do this by being a valuable resource within your niche. A great example is Starbucks, who do a great job of branding pins. You can also set up a business account so that you can run ads and get better analytics.

Pins that are relevant to your audience

There are many ways to find relevant pins for your audience on Pinterest. You can use the search bar to find pins with relevant tags, and you can also use the Guided Search function to find related pins. The search bar also shows a list of recommended keywords, ordered by popularity. You should try to use keywords that have a low search volume, since they have less competition and will rank higher in search results.

Make sure your description contains keywords that relate to the pin’s content. The description copy helps Pinterest categorize your content and determine where your pin will show up. Include important keywords, brand names, and hashtags in your description to increase the likelihood that your pin will be discovered by people who are interested in your content. You can also use Pinterest’s built-in keyword research tool to help you select relevant keywords.

Pins that are well curated

One of the best ways to increase the reach of your Pins is by creating a well-curated board. It is important to curate the board in a way that is relevant to your audience. The board can be made up of a variety of Pins with different themes, but each pin should have a central focus on your audience. In addition, you should be sure to use the right hashtags to promote your Pins.

Another way to make your pins more visible is to use the search bar on Pinterest. This will help you find keywords related to your niche. Pinterest will give you suggestions based on popularity. You may want to try using less popular keywords because they have less competition, so they will have higher rankings in search results.

Pins that are readable

When making a pin for Pinterest, you need to make it as readable as possible. You need to make sure that the image is large enough to fit in the feed and is free from pixelation. You also need to make sure that the size of the image is not too long. In general, the image should be 736 pixels wide.

If your pin image is not readable, you can add an overlay containing the text of your pin. It will help Pinterest understand the content of the image and increase your pin’s visibility. You can use free tools like Canva to add text overlays to your images. In addition, remember to use relevant keywords in your title and description. This way, Pinterest will understand that your pins belong to the same niche or category.

Pins that are well-timed

If you want to make your Pins more successful, you need to know when they are most likely to be seen. The right time to post your content on Pinterest will depend on the topic and the niche you’re targeting. Some experts recommend 8pm to 11pm EST while others suggest 2 pm to 4 pm EST or 8 pm to 1 am EST. Here are some tips to make your Pins more successful:

Make sure your images are high quality. Pinterest users browse from their mobile devices, so you should aim for a 2:3 aspect ratio and avoid pixelation.

Pins that are well-written

If you want to make your Pinterest organic traffic, you must be able to write compelling pins. This means using the right keywords. These keywords should be relevant and in the context of the pin. Avoid using generic “click” as your call-to-action, since it will have a low engagement rate. Use images that illustrate the end result of your pins. Also, join group boards. You can use these group boards to increase your exposure on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a popular social media site, and the competition is fierce. To maximize your exposure and build your audience, create pins that are visually appealing and contain a call-to-action. It also helps to prepare a Pinterest-designed cover photo for every pin you publish. This photo can amplify your pin’s click-ability. Moreover, post each pin with attendant tags.

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