The Importance of a Mobile-Friendly Corporate Booking Tool in Today’s Business Environment

With the beginning of the digital era, multiple digital nodes have replaced processes necessary for business operations. During the pandemic, companies were forced to evaluate their methods of working. The most common question asked was, “Is there a need for business travel at all?” The answer is nothing can beat human interaction when it comes to business crunching.

Corporate travel often becomes significant due to multiple reasons like – discovering opportunities to broaden your spectrum, building a good rapport, encouraging innovation, and increasing productivity.

While business travel picked up the pace, the corporate travel management solutions industry picked up too. The need to manage the trips of an entire company scattered around the world gave rise to the new-age corporate booking tool we see today.

Importance of a mobile-friendly Corporate Booking Tool in the Business Domain

A corporate booking tool is the best aid for managing business travel. It streamlines corporate travel bookings and keeps the processes hassle-free.

Employees do not have to seek travel agents or admins to book hotels, flights, and cabs, saving their time and effort. It helps when tracking the employee’s travel, booking activities, and hotels for the employee. It helps speed up processes through automation. It benefits the company as all the data is available with the click of a button.

The need for a mobile-friendly corporate booking tool is more imperative now than ever. It cannot be overstated due to the following reasons –

Optimum use of time and effort – Making bookings for last-minute travels can be challenging. It is common to experience high demand for bookings, cancellations, reschedulings, and delays. Waiting to get the bookings done can disrupt company plans. This can be distracting, and employees shift focus from their work. The need to continuously hover for travel agencies and booking administrations gets eliminated. However, with the corporate booking tool, one can save ample time as they do not have to wait for anyone to complete the bookings and approvals. All of this can be done anywhere, anytime, just with the tap of a button. It makes the process more efficient and faster. This increases the productivity of the employees as well.

Ensures ease of accessibility – One may be away from their desktop for a while, but that is rarely the case for smartphones. A mobile-friendly corporate booking tool allows an employee to access it from anywhere at any time.

Real-time data regarding the company’s travel expenses is available on the go. This can give the company a competitive advantage. It helps the company stay ahead of the curve and grab opportunities.

Prompt implementation of policies – Corporate booking tools can be customized, automated, and configured as per the company’s travel policies. Since the data is available in real-time, it bodes well for the company to keep track of patterns and alter the policies to be implemented immediately.

This is especially helpful should there be any deviations. This saves money, time, and further complications for the employer and the employee. A corporate booking tool does not allow any violations regarding the terms and conditions set by the company. This protects the company from fraudulent activities.

Grants flexibility – Depending on the nature of the work, travel plans change frequently. That is where the corporate booking tool comes into the picture, as it is versatile and gets the job done quickly. It also takes care of the cancellation and refund process without the intervention of multiple parties.

In case of emergencies like sudden cancellations of flights from the airlines, customer support ensures that the next best option is offered.

One centralized solution – This corporate booking tool is a one-stop solution to all the requirements related to travel bookings. It stores all information about the traveler, such as frequent flier information, preferred suppliers, and unused ticket credit. Predictive analysis helps with travel planning, support, and management.

All the services and information, such as itinerary info, travel expenses, booking costs, and other emergency pieces of information, are safely stored. Any change or delay in the flight or weather can now be on one platform, making the traveling experience even more convenient.

Cost saving – A corporate booking tool lets users see pricing in real-time. It can save the company money by helping them book travel and accommodation from anywhere. Easy availability of this information ensures the company can make informed decisions. It allows the company to balance employee comfort and finances.

Easy approvals – Different clearance levels can be faster as you can get updates and notifications on the phone. This flow also enhances communication as employers stay informed about all travel plans. Approvals for travel, overshooting budget, unapproved locations, and other such activities can be flagged as per policies for approvals.


The needs of a company regarding business travel may change over time. A mobile-friendly corporate booking tool is an easy solution to all company requirements. Integrating a mobile-friendly tool with other travel management platforms ensures a smooth experience for the user.

A mobile-friendly tool can adapt to different operating systems and adjust to various screen sizes. This allows every employee to take advantage of the corporate booking tool. Mobile-friendly corporate booking tools are essential to improve functionality and infrastructure. It is vital for the growth and development of businesses.

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