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The Importance of a Good Tripod

As a nature and still life photographer, I shoot 98 percent of my photos on a tripod. It’s a habit I grew into years ago and I can swear by the results. A tripod is the second most important piece of equipment you could ever use; the first most important piece of equipment is a good tripod.

To help drive my point home, I’ll tell you a little story. While out on a recent photo trip to the American southwest John Baker and Travel images, I was shooting some scenes at Monument Valley, Utah. One scene, shown in Figure 3.1, was particularly difficult. I tried different angles, but our tour leader had a better idea—get as low as you can to obtain a better angle

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Different Tripods for Different Folks When friends ask me what type of tripod they should get, I get stumped. That blank and confused look briefly appears on my face until I formulate an answer in my head. After composing myself, I break the rules and answer a question with a question: What type of shooting do you do? You see, I can recommend a number of different models of tripods, but the answer depends on what type of shooting people do, how physically fit they are (some of these three-legged wonders can weigh a lot), what type of camera equipment they haul, and finally, how much money they have to spend on one. If you want to know about Ivy Glen Conway SC, then you can visit.

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When you make a decision about a tripod, the next thing you’ll need is a tripod head. The same rules used when selecting a tripod hold true for selecting a tripod head. You’ll need to take into consideration the weight of the equipment you’ll be attaching to the head, the type of head that will best fit the type of shooting you’ll be doing out in the field, and of course, the price. Basically, there are two types of tripod heads nature photographers prefer:

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