The Fedora styling guide for men

For a few centuries, people of the high-class society would never leave the house without a hat. It is one of the most dazzling accessories that most men wear as a symbol of class. If you want to upscale your sense of style, it is essential to wear designer hats such as a Fedora by pairing them with the attire. It is significant to understand the technicalities of wearing Fedora perfectly and in the best way. People who wear a Fedora hat at inappropriate events or with the wrong outfit showcase a silly sense of style.

Fedoras are a symbol of class

While hats are no longer a staple accessory of every man’s attire, a classy Fedora hat gives men an opportunity to be unique and portray themselves as gentlemen. People often consider it a hat that goes well with most attires if worn in the correct place. Such a clever and fashionable piece of accessories calls for attention to its jaunty fashion. It looks best when matched with a fancy suit and tie, is ideal for dinner parties, and goes well with wedding attires. However, men must avoid pairing a fedora with an outfit for a funeral as it might make you feel fish out of water. Besides parties and weddings, here are a few areas and events where you can match up a Fedora hat with your outfit:

  • Derby race
  • A dance event or an evening ball
  • Outdoor events
  • Black tie events

You can rock these events with a hat

Pairing a Fedora with Casual attires

While most stylists do not recommend wearing a Fedora hat with casual outfits, pairing a woolen Fedora hat with a T-shirt can put across your lack of styling sense. However, some people like to pair the designer hat with a pair of well-fitting jeans.

Under such circumstances, you must add a blazer to your outfit to bring out the gentleman’s look. You can break the rule of wearing Fedora hats only if you know how to be trendy, thereby making an intelligent move. Many men with a good sense of style prefer wearing a Fedora for a vacation. You can try mens straw sun hat as an ideal piece of accessories for beachwear. You can pair it with a collared outfit and a pair of jeans. The Fedora style that goes well on such occasions is the one made of straw. However, some men do not promote this style. Besides, Fedora hats look cool on actors, artists, and lyricists as a part of everyday attire.

Here are a few guidelines for wearing a Fedora hat in the right way

Choose the appropriate size 

Many people wear a Fedora hat with appropriate attire. However, most of them lack knowledge about the ideal size. Hats that are too big or small for your head can spoil the entire look. Therefore it is essential to look out for the appropriate size that fits you well. Oversized fedora hats can cover your forehead, leaving you underconfident. Moreover, one that is too small also turns off your appearance. To know the ideal size of a Fedora hat, you must check if it sits comfortably above the center of your forehead and over your ears.

Opt for a modest style 

Your Fedora hat must accord with your outfit. It is sensible to choose a modest tiled Fedora with fancy attire. To provide yourself with a moderately stylish accent, pairing woolen Fedora with your tailored suit is an ideal choice to make. When matching the designer Fedora hat with your tuxedo, you can opt for the one with an ultra-sharp felt fur. Another guideline to consider is the color of your hat. The most appropriate color of your Fedora hat is either black or matching your outfit.

Sometimes men also opt for a Fedora that is one shade lighter than their suit. Since it is not easy to have the perfect matching Fedora for every outfit, it is sensible to play safe using neutral colors such as black, grey, and brown. While opting for a straw hat, you must use natural colors for your Fedora, an ideal match for almost every outfit.

Try different variations of Fedora hat styles

Men with a good fashion sense must try different hat styles. Fedora comes in variegated materials such as felt, straw, and wool. Your outfit, the weather, and the occasion you are attending are the great determiner of the hat styles you choose. Fedora hats for warm destinations are ideally made of straw, leaving your head cooler under the bright sun. On the other hand, the ideal Fedora material for chilling weather conditions is wool.

Singers and rock stars opt for leather Fedora hats. However, if you are looking for a modest and sober style, it is better to stick to less bold styles. The Fedora hat is becoming increasingly popular as men’s classic style is approaching its heyday. It is an established styling icon among most men for formal and informal occasions.

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