The dentist who took Iceland to their first FIFA World Cup

One of the most inspiring football stories of the 2010s was the one related to the Icelandic national football team. At this moment online betting in Pakistan only on can be made on this team, which also comes with the best odds on the entire market.

Against all odds, the squad made history by qualifying for the 2016 UEFA Euro and also to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This is really impressive when considering that less than 20 years prior the team was just slightly above San Marino in terms of displayed level. Punters can make their online betting in Pakistan only on the 1xBet online bookmaker, where the FIFA World Cup and the Euro are also featured.

There are many reasons that can explain these incredible achievements. However, one of them corresponds to the great coach that the Icelandic team had at their disposal. We are talking about Heimir Hallgrímsson.

A former defender

In countries where football still doesn’t reach a sufficient level of development, it is a good idea to have another profession where one can work. Iceland is one of these cases. You can watch 1xBet live stream now and also use it to follow what the Icelandic team is doing.

Hallgrímsson has been three different things during his life, such as:

  • a football player;
  • a football coach;
  • and also a dentist.

He was a professional player between 1986 and 2007, spending his entire career in his native country. Punters can also go and watch the 1xBet live streams now and take advantage of their features to review the best competitions in the world. Even during his time as a player and as a coach, Hallgrímson never stopped working as a dentist.

A close relationship with the fans

In 2011, and after some great campaigns with domestic Icelandic teams, Heimir Hallgrímson was appointed as coach of the national team. You can make pk bets casino only from, which is a perfect activity to do before the next game of this team begins.

During the first years, Hallgrímson was joint coach alongside Swedish manager Lars Lagerbäck. However, after the incredible Euro 2016 campaign, where they reached the quarter-finals, Hallgrímson remained as the only manager of the team.

In addition to the usual methods that most football managers employ, the coach also wanted to bring the team closer to its fans. Because of this, he invited some fans to talks where he would explain to them how the team would face a specific match. This made him an incredibly popular figure in his country, and explains why Icelandic people became ardent fans of the squad. Punters can make great bets only from the 1xBet pk casino, which can be visited while waiting for the next match of this squad.

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