The Best Small Wrist Tattoos for Women

Tattoos are an art that is becoming more widespread throughout the world. It is no longer about having to do the classic designs on the arms of years ago, but tattoo artists have mastered different techniques and styles, adapting to all tastes. A minimalist trend has also developed for those who like small and subtle tattoos.

In this article, we are going to review different small tattoo designs on the wrist that will inspire you to decide to go to a tattoo center and put yourself in the hands of a professional tattoo artist.

Small flower wrist tattoos

Flower tattoos are one of the most popular designs that are usually done on the wrists. You must bear in mind that it is a very visible area, so the ideal, if you want to have a subtle tattoo, is to make a harmonic and small drawing. There is nothing that fits better than a few small flowers climbing up the wrist. You can make different styles and shapes depending on your tastes:

Small rose tattoos on wrist

Roses are the most classic flowers in the tattoo world. You can choose to do them in color or black and white. Being flowers with a rounded shape, you can use the physiognomy of your wrist to add a stem that goes up from the forearm, culminating in the wrist.

Small Sunflower Wrist Tattoos

Sunflowers fill with joy and warmth. They are a type of cheerful flower that means friendship and company. In addition, due to its variety, you can make a design with various types of sunflowers and play with the shape of their petals. One idea would be to make a single sunflower in the middle of your wrist and another would be to create a wreath of sunflowers that adorn the wrist area.

Small daisy wrist tattoos

Daisies are one of the least valued flowers, however, within the world of small tattoos on the wrist they are a success. Whether colored or black and white, a tattoo on the wrist with daisies will give you a tender and cheerful touch.

Cool star tattoos on wrist

Another of the most classic designs for tattoos on the wrists of women is the star, which represents a universal symbol with hundreds of designs. In addition, they are perfect to make them in a small size that can be adapted to all types of wrists. If you want to see Unique Star tattoo Ideas and designs with their respective meanings that can inspire you, click on our tattoo portal.

Small wrist tattoos for couples

It is becoming more and more fashionable for couples to get tattoos together that go beyond the typical name on the arm. Now, there are many designs for wrist tattoos that have a special meaning. Choose a theme that unites you as a couple and transform it into an original design.

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