The best ingredients to start adding to your smoothies

You may be looking into smoothies for a healthier option for breakfast, or if you never eat breakfast but you’re wanting to make sure you are consuming enough nutrition, vitamins, and minerals.

There are so many different smoothie recipes out there, but are you consuming the healthiest ones?

A lot of people who start making smoothies and start getting into nutrition don’t realise how many extra calories they are actually consuming. Sorry to break it to you, but extra honey and flavoured yoghurt mean extra calories!

Don’t stress though, today we’re here to tell you how you can switch your ingredients around to make healthier alternative smoothies.

These following smoothies are packed full of nutrition, so you don’t have to worry about needing to eat anything extra alongside your morning smoothie.

A 300-400 calorie breakfast will adhere to the majority of adults’ needs. Here are a few ways to make sure you’re getting the nutrition your body needs from a smoothie without cranking the calories up too high:

  • Starting off with a smoothie base is a perfect place to start. Frozen fruit such as; mangoes, bananas, peaches, cherries, and strawberries are some very tasty options!
  • Vegetables such as Kale and Spinach are great antioxidants, so adding a handful to your smoothie is a great way to gain that extra nutrition.
  • Protein is an essential nutrient that your body needs, adding foods such as plain Greek yogurt, legumes, cottage cheese, and chickpeas can ensure that you are getting just the right amount of protein. However, if you didn’t fancy adding any of these ingredients, another option to get that good protein is by using protein powder. MyProtein sells a wide variety of flavours and types depending on your dietary requirements.Read more here: isai mini
  • You may fear consuming fats in your diet; however, they are essential for a healthy, balanced diet. Remember – Not all fats are ‘bad’! With that being said, some healthier plant-based fats you can add to your smoothies include; chia and flax seeds, nut butter, and also avocados.
  • There are many ways to adjust the flavour of your smoothie, and one of these ways is by choosing the most appropriate liquid. There are many different liquids to choose from, from fruit juice to milk and iced coffee. Fruit juice can sweeten and alter the flavour the most, whereas milk will add more protein.
  • There are also many different brands and flavours of zero-calorie drops you are able to choose from online. MyProtein has a fantastic range that’s definitely worth checking out. 
  • To top your smoothie off, adding a handful of ice will help add volume and help to blend everything together. Ice also makes it very refreshing, especially on a warm day. 

Smoothies have many great benefits, including saving you money and ensuring you have full control over what goes into your drink and how much nutrition you are getting.

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One smoothie a day for breakfast is a perfectly fine and healthy way to consume calories and nutrients. However, make sure you aren’t replacing every meal with smoothies as nutritionists and dieticians say it’s better to chew and swallow food rather than drinking it to make you full.

If you are planning on drinking a smoothie every day for breakfast, it is best to try and get at least 25 grams of protein per smoothie. However, if it’s for a snack, 10 grams of protein is perfectly acceptable.

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If you are struggling for inspiration regarding which smoothie to make and which ingredients and flavours to use, there are so many recipes online you can take a look at and gain inspiration from, but altering the measurements to your body needs and switching certain ingredients to some of the ones mentioned above.

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