The Amazing Advantages of Using Step and Repeat Logo Backdrops

Custom media backdrops are custom-printed marketing tools for showcasing companies and brands especially when featured on television, print images in magazines or newspapers, etc. Customized backdrops are often used in press conferences, tradeshows, and other crucial corporate events, strategically placed behind spokespeople like famous athletes, footballers, coaches, sports personalities, brand ambassadors, and coaches. However, you do not have to be a celebrity or the owner of a large corporate house to derive value from utilizing this cost-effective and high-quality visual communication tool. Let us explore how media walls could prove to be immensely beneficial to companies of all sizes and types.

According to Wikipedia, a step and repeat backdrop or banner is supposed to be a publicity backdrop utilized predominantly for event photography. It is custom-printed with a repetitive logo or another pattern in such a manner that brand emblems or logos are highlighted and visible clearly in selfies or pictures of celebrities or individuals posing right in front of the backdrop.

These customized media walls are popular fixtures of fashion shows or red carpet events, customized often for galas or weddings for infusing a somewhat celebrity sort of feel to the pictures of the attendees.

They Are Known for Longevity

Most marketing or advertising graphics will go out of fashion and obsolete in no time. However, a customized logo backdrop boasts a long lifespan. Most of your visual tools are designed and created for explicit uses like for a specific conference or tradeshow so they can be put to other uses later. Since your customized backdrop is essentially a repeated logo, you could consider using it several times and for limitless purposes. You may consider replacing it only if your company rebrands or the graphic seems to be damaged.

They Help in Infusing the Wow Factor

When you are organizing an event for all your employees, donors, or volunteers, a custom media wall with a series of your logo on it is effective in adding some finesse, polish, prestige, and credibility to the event. Your attendees would be delighted to take selfies against the striking backdrop and they will feel like stars and celebrities. Rest assured to get high-quality professional pictures for both external and internal publications.

They Go Much Beyond Just Public Events

Media walls can add a whole new dimension to all the pictures of your specific products, employee pictures and videos. These custom backdrops could be used for fortifying your brand at company parties, press releases, and all kinds of photo ops. A stunning media wall could be used strategically for dressing up uninteresting and lifeless portions of your corporate conference room, or lobby. Use striking backdrops to add a fascinating factor to your photos.

Helps Create a Magical Effect & a Mind-Blowing Impression

S&R banners can act as an impressive and eye-catching backdrop for all your displays at conventions and trade shows. An out-of-the-world media wall can help your organization or brand stand out from the rest and gain a competitive edge. It is a wise move to use an S&R backdrop for looking more professional, attracting more potential customers to your space. Moreover, it is a brilliant and incredibly affordable way of connecting with your target audience.


The best way of reinforcing your brand without burning a hole in your pocket is by utilizing the versatile and highly popular S&R logo backdrops. They provide a cost-effective, but an eye-catching way of promoting your brand.

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