Teaching Strategies for Students with Special Needs

Special education helps kids with learning disabilities get specialized care and instructions to meet their specific learning needs. That way, they get a chance to maximize their academic latent.

Inclusion plays a major role for kids with special needs because they majorly prosper in groups. How?? It is because of interaction. Kids with special education needs can develop friendships and learn things well through positive behavior. At Read Write Think, the teachers recognize a student’s potential and equip them with special needs with the right skills needed to enhance their academic excellence.

How can your teaching strategies be optimized for kids with special needs?

  • Prepare kids for the next lessons

Share and set up learning expectations: Let the students know what they will learn in the next class and share major pointers on the subject. Suggest the activities they need for it. This will help them prepare beforehand.

Share behavioral expectations: teach the kids how to behave properly during the lessons. For instance, talk in whispers, and raise your hand to ask something.

Offer the schedule beforehand: Kids with special needs may get anxious if something is presented immediately in front of them. Hence, tutors should prepare a schedule in advice so that the kids come prepared for it.

Know the learning material you need: Special education needs customized materials for learning. The kids should be given handy materials to help them learn efficiently.

  • Conduct lessons

Giving such kids special attention and focusing on one-on-one tutoring is better. It will help you understand their learning style and make them understand things at their pace. Forcing kids with special needs is not right. They need their own space and time to learn and understand things.

During reading sessions, highlight the important points so students can refer to them later. Make notes of the key sentences to let them make a summary of the book.

When it comes to math, let them learn the formulas and solve problems. Highlight the important points and facts. For instance, Maria has two bananas, and Mark has four bananas… make them underline two and four.

Help them with the lessons

Students with special needs need direct instructions to stay focused and learn things. Don’t rusk your students with special needs. Give them enough time to prepare.

Wait for 15-30 seconds when asked a question or a follow-up question.

Do not include sarcasm or criticism in your talks. Make use of audiovisual material to help them understand their academic lessons better.

Help the kids focus

With the lessons proceeding, share gentle reminders with the kids to keep working on their given homework.

Break one assignment into smaller parts and simplify it. For instance, allow students to do five math problems before giving them a set of the next five questions.

Once the lesson ends, make sure the student has learned efficiently. Ask them questions to gauge their understanding.

Using the right strategies for special education, you can efficiently teach kids with special needs. Read Write Think has the right professionals to help such kids with professional tutoring. Their direct instruction and one-on-one tutoring work efficiently well for such children.

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