Spinning bikes what do you need to start?

It’s time to take the plunge. To start in the world of spinning you need, of course, to have a bicycle to pedal on, as long as you are going to do it at home. Although it is not the only thing, you have to prepare yourself physically, mentally and also with the right equipment.

Advantages of spinning

Doing spinning has many benefits and mainly, its advantages are burning calories, improving cardiovascular resistance, improving blood circulation and improving lung capacity. Logically, being a bicycle, strength is gained, especially in the legs, so the buttocks are slimmed and defined. In addition, its impact on the joints is very low, unlike other sports such as running. But the advantages are not only physical, feeling better physically will have an impact on psychological improvement, stress and anxiety levels will be reduced.

We strongly recommend best exercise bikes accompanying the training with a good balanced diet, so we will strengthen the muscles and lose weight at the same time. In conclusion, with spinning we get a strong cardiovascular training through a fun practice, which is usually accompanied by music.

One of the advantages of spinning is that these bicycles are increasingly adapted to the needs of users, becoming more foldable and with more features, so that the space of the home is no longer a problem to get one.

Disadvantages of spinning

Spinning is a sport that requires a lot of effort and in which abnormal positions are taken, so care must be taken with the position, since if you train in a bad position it is very possible that you will end up with back pain. As we have already said, the joints suffer little compared to other sports; however this does not mean that they do not suffer. In the case of spinning, the knee is the one that usually suffers the most since throughout the class we are performing the same movement with the legs. If you notice that your knees start to hurt, we recommend that you reduce the resistance and go at your own pace.

Training on spinning bikes is customizable; this means that you can set yourself the resistance you want. This can be good or bad, however it will be bad as long as you go beyond your limit, which you must know so as not to injure yourself. Spinning classes usually have a very high pace, so we recommend that if you feel like you’re going over your limit, reduce resistance because it is not enough to put on some sneakers, a tracksuit and get on to pedal. If you are going to do it properly, you need all the equipment that we are going to see now:

  1. Recommended spinning bikes

The market is full of options for those interested in the world of spinning, and more after the “boom” that has been seen. Brands such as Cecotec, BH or even Gridinlux have been among the great favorites and the most recommended, be it for price, features or even design.

Best value for money

Among the best magnetic spin bikes models in value for money, we cannot ignore the Cecotec brand. The Spanish firm has a repertoire that adjusts each function and characteristic to the cent, with the Cecotec Extreme 25 bike as the maximum exponent for its 25-kilo flywheel and its silent belt transmission. Also of note is the Extreme 20 model, somewhat more expensive and very similar in terms of features, except for its 20 kg flywheel.

We can also raise the figure a bit and talk about the Sportstech SX500, from the Sportstech brand. German quality very adjusted in quality and price, with multiplayer app and live training, as well as a 25-kilo steering wheel.

The most professional

The most professional spinning bikes are certainly not the cheapest. For qualities and possibilities, the BH brand cannot be missing here with its BH Duke Mag H923 bicycle. A real spinning “beast” designed to train triathlons, with multi-position handlebars, a 20-kilo steering wheel and a magnetic brake. It doesn’t make noise!

Sportstech is another indisputable brand, especially with the SX600 model. It is somewhat cheaper, but with a state-of-the-art LCD screen, compatible with streaming to the TV to train with friends and do virtual routes.

The cheapest

For those looking to save above all else, one of the most notable options is the YM spinning bike. It has a flywheel and adjusts well at different heights, although it stands out for its triathlon handlebar, its streaming to devices and its ultra-silent system. Together with her, we have to go back to Cecotec to talk about the Extreme bike. For about 200 euros, you can have an indoor cycle with a 16-kilogram flywheel, a more robust design than it appears, and a belt drive system ideal to start without spending too much.

Spin classes

With the power of the internet, the hard part would be not being able to find virtual spinning classes online. If you have looked at our recommendations, you will see that there are models that have the option of broadcasting a signal to the television or to other devices. In fact, many can be synchronized with applications to establish different training routines or even for you to train together with other people through the internet.

Spinning shoes

To practice spinning, it is not enough to buy any kind of shoes, it is better to have good spinning shoes at hand. What differentiates them from the rest? Perhaps the easiest question to answer would be what does not differentiate them.

It may not be necessary to begin with, but it is much better to have shoes with cleats. If they have them, they automatically fit with the pedal making a “click”, which comes in handy so that each pedal stroke transmits all the appropriate force and, in addition, to avoid injuries.

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