Some facts about Israel

The colors blue and white were chosen according to the colors of a prayer shawl that has been worn for centuries by Jews. The Star of David appears in its center, signifying this flag’s Jewish origins hundreds years ago

A long time ago – before you were born maybe?- your ancestors chose these shades as part of their everyday attire because they looked good together: kind Eyes Sky Mreetings from Jerusalem — City Of Peace And Truth  They also knew how lucky we feel wearing clothes on our bodies made out soft wool or linen fabric during cold weather months.

The State of Israel’s official emblem is a Menorah – the famous candelabrum from ancient times, whose shape was derived by tracing an individual branch on Moria. This plant has branches which somewhat resemble what we know as the menorahs today; however in some species these leaves branch out at specific places like those seen near where light would shine through them so brightly that it could illuminate any room easily and quickly with only one small flame. The two olive branches flanking this particular form stand for peace between Israelites who are longing to reconnect again after many years spent apart due both internal conflict as well external turmoil outside their borders following6700 BC until recapturing Jerusalem centuries later under King David’s rule around 1000 B.

Jerusalem. Israel’s capital has always been a question of debate for many years, but it finally resolved itself when Jerusalem was proclaimed in 1950 and remains the seat to this day with US Embassy being relocated there from Tel Aviv following President Trump’s move last December 2017

The United States like nearly all other countries maintain their embassies located outside Judea/SamariaPalestine region as they do not recognize Jewish claim over any part on land which includes modern state known today for Palestinians & Arabs alike.

The Israeli constitution is more like a set of governing principles than anything else. It does not have an actual document, instead it consists of the Declaration Of Establishment ( 1948), Basic Laws passed by parliament which act as guidelines for day-to-day life in Israel (Knesset) and citizens’ basic rights enshrined within law that make up part two: civil legislation; criminal code with penalties prescribed by article 101(a).

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The head of state in Israel is the president, who was elected by parliament and serves for a 7 year term. The Prime Minister also has ceremonial duties but leads an office that can be held by either political party or individual politician depending on what they want to do with it’s powers; currently there are two main parties: Likud which consists mostly right wing members while Labor tends centre leftwards slightly more than others – I would say aligning themselves closer towards European ideals (moderately so).  There isn’t much difference between these apart from some core values like safety over all else since most governments wanted security still intact during their tenure regardless if you were Jewish/Palestinian etc., though things changed drastically

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