Snack Vending Machine: Great Reasons for having one in Your Business

Are you a business-minded individual who is considering putting up a snack vending machine at your establishment or place of work but are currently on the fence as to whether you should actually go for it or not? If so, then you have come to the right place!

In this post, we will talk about some of the most significant benefits that come from having a vending machine in the workplace. Quite interesting, the benefits are both for the business owner and the people who frequent the location.

A Brief History of the Snack Vending Machine

The earliest version of the vending machines as we know them today first came into use in London back in the 1880s. They were at post offices and railway stations and carried postcards, notepaper and envelopes. In 1888, vending machines found their way into the New York subway platforms. Here, they contained the gum brand Tutti Frutti.

Today, vending machines can be found just about anywhere. In addition to the coins that they traditionally accept as payments, many machines now also accept credit cards. They can also sell all kinds of items, from liquor to electronics.

Today, the snack vending machine remains to be one of the most popular, second only to beverages. In a recent study of top-selling vending machine products, 5 out of the 10 items on the list are snacks. With the busy lifestyle that people have these days, we expect vending machines to become even more popular in the coming years.

Benefits of a Snack Vending Machine for the Business Owner

It’s easy to dismiss the vending machine as just a small convenience in a building or public area. However, this nifty invention actually provides multiple benefits for the business. Here are some reasons that just might convince you that getting a snack vending machine for your business might be one of the best investments that you could ever make.

Guaranteed Profit

If you are looking for a way to generate revenue with almost no risk of loss, then the snack vending machine is a perfect choice. Everyone eats, so you will have no problem attracting the market. You just need to do a study on which snacks the buying public prefers in your location. Make sure you always stock up on these most viable options and you will surely make sales.


Buying a snack vending machine to put in your place of work entails just a one-time hefty purchase for the equipment. That’s practically it. Subsequent purchases will only be for the products, which are highly profitable. According to vending machine standards, you can make huge profits from these by selling them for twice the price at which you purchased them.

Practically No Maintenance of snack vending machine

Once you have set up your snack vending machine, there’s very little else that you have to do. Basically, you just need to refill it whenever products run out. There is very little to maintain because it comes with flawless automation. You don’t need to pay anyone to man the machine and there are no recurring charges for the equipment either.


But an even better option is to avail the fully managed service offered by many vending companies. Here, you don’t have to do anything but to choose the product and the setup you want. There won’t even be an upfront cost. The vending company will take care of everything from installation to maintenance while you just sit back and watch your profits come in.

Better Productivity

On average, it takes only 30 seconds for someone to drop a coin into the machine and get the food that they want. This is certainly much quicker than if your employees will head out for a snack break. With less time spent on eating, there will be more time for work. Of course, this advantage must not be abused because employees do need time to take a leisurely lunch from time to time. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that the vending machine can take care of your staff during deadline season.

Benefits for the Employees and the General Public

It’s not just the business owner that gets perks from a vending machine. The employees, students, and even passersby at the location of the machine also enjoy immense benefits.

A snack vending machine is convenient

This is by far the biggest reason why the snack vending machine has taken the world by storm. With the round-the-clock access they provide, vending machines can appease the hunger of your employees at any time. This is perfect for establishments that are open 24/7. If members of your staff crave for a snack in the wee hours of the morning when no food stores are open, they simply have to go to the vending machine down the hall and make a selection.



With a few exceptions, the food items that are available at vending machines are very inexpensive. This is very true when compared to the prices of restaurant food. This is also one of the reasons why vending machines are such a great hit.

Higher Job Satisfaction

Studies show that employees that work in companies that have vending machines are far more satisfied with their work environment. It’s unlikely that they will want to leave and look for greener pastures. After all, how could the grass be any greener than at the place that has an awesome snack vending machine, right?

How to Choose the Right Snack Vending Machine Company

In choosing the vending machine company to work with, the most important factor to check is the quality of their service. Ask yourself the following questions. Is their equipment dependable? Are their features flexible? Do they offer versatile payment options? Finally, how reliable is their technical support?

If you are in Ireland or the UK, is by far the best company that you can trust for your snack vending machine requirements. They provide full-service vending solutions for any business in Ireland and the UK, including maintenance, monitoring, and full administrative and technical support. No matter what snacks or other items you want to sell, they have got you covered. Contact them if you are interested and they will be happy to discuss their vending solutions with you.

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