Single Row Ball Bearings

Single row ball bearings are a type of radial ball bearing. Their cage is made of a ceramic material that allows them to operate over the entire capability of the metallic components they contain. They are usually used in rotating machinery. These types of bearings are also known as angular contact ball bearings, ceramic hybrid bearings, and double row deep groove ball bearings.

Applications of single-row radial ball bearings

Single row angular contact ball bearings are used in many different applications, including aerospace, automotive, industrial, and machine tools. They transfer load in one direction to the inner and outer races of a bearing, while the spherical shape of the ball makes minor contact with the races. When used improperly, the bearing can suffer from distortion and overworking, which can result in bearing failure.

Single-row radial ball bearings come in several grades and are designed to meet a range of performance requirements. They are typically made from a combination of steel and other materials. Standard grade radial ball bearings are manufactured to meet ABEC 1 standards and feature dual-lip non-contact seals. Premium grade bearings feature triple-lip light contact seals and metal shields.

Single-row radial ball bearings are suitable for high axial loads, but can also accommodate radial loads. A single-row radial ball bearing can support up to a million rotations before it begins to exhibit non-elastic deformation. A first sign of this deformation is a flat spot on the ball, which will prevent rotation. The calculated life of a bearing is influenced by its operating speed, load, and environmental factors. However, 90% of bearings are still serviceable after millions of rotations.

Angular contact ball bearings

Angular Contact Ball Bearings are a type of bearing that accommodates axial loads in a single direction. They are generally adjusted against a second bearing. Their two non-separable shoulder portions are made from Chromium Steel (GCr15), which has good wear resistance.

The angular contact ball bearings are able to accommodate axial loads, radial loads, and high speeds. They have a normal-to-low-tolerance tolerance, but the maximum permissible operating speed is higher than the normal-tolerance limit. The angular contact ball bearings are available in two types – X and O arrangement. These two types can be used in tandem.

Single row angular contact ball bearings are available in different cage materials. Most are made of brass, polyamide, and steel, but other materials can be specified by mutual agreement. The selection of the material and size of the cage depends on the application. For instance, a high-speed application may require a brass or sheet steel cage. The manufacturer of the bearings should be consulted for any information related to the proper cage material for the application.

Double-row deep groove ball bearings

Double-row deep groove ball bearings are used in a variety of industrial applications. They are commonly found in electric motors, pumps, agricultural machinery, and general machinery. They are also used in domestic appliances such as washing machines. These bearings are highly versatile and are easy to replace if they start to wear out.

Double-row deep groove ball bearings have a higher load capacity than single-row bearings. This is due to their double-row design and deep groves, which allow close osculation of the balls. These bearings can support high speeds and can also support radial loads in both directions. At Simply Bearings, we offer a range of double-row deep groove ball bearings for your application.


Double-row deep groove ball bearings are an economical option that also feature high load carrying capacity. Double-row designs have low friction and can handle a variety of axial and radial loads. They are also available in many sizes, allowing them to meet all needs.

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