Seniors Can Invest in AlixCo P2P Financing

If you’ve been thinking about investing in AlixCo’s P2P platform Malaysia, you might be wondering: what does the company do? What is the regulation for this type of peer-to-peer lending platform? And is it open to individuals 55 years and older? Read on to learn more. AlixCo is a popular option for seniors seeking a way to finance their retirement expenses.

Peer to peer lending platform

AlixCo is a Malaysian equity crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending platform. The startup was founded by Angelld Quah in 2015. Her mission was to empower Malaysian high-growth companies by matching them with global investors. As part of her mission, AlixCo is the first equity crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending platform in Malaysia. She hopes that this will help Malaysian SMEs achieve the success that they have always dreamed of.

When comparing different peer-to-peer lending platforms, investors need to consider several factors, including the borrower’s income, debt-to-income ratio, and credit score. In addition to creditworthiness, many platforms evaluate borrowers to determine whether they are responsible and able to repay the loan. Some platforms also maintain contingency funds in case of an investor’s loss. However, a higher default rate means higher risk for the investor.


The Regulations for Alixco P2P Finance apply to all companies and individuals who use the platform to fund their business ventures. The regulations stipulate that they must follow certain standards of fairness and transparency. ALIXCO does not act as a bank, an agent, or an employee of a Payment Provider. The terms of service of these providers govern their interactions with borrowers and investors.

The Regulations for Alixco P2P financing require that the Issuer reach a specified target amount of investment to receive funds. If the Issuer fails to meet the investment target, he or she must refund the amount invested to the Investor. This process does not include the payment of interest or the return of the Investment. ALIXCO encourages users to consult their tax adviser before investing.

Default rate

The default rate for AlixCo P2P Financing is zero percent. This is good news for women entrepreneurs. Despite the recent rise in women entrepreneurs, women-led businesses still don’t get the same funding as their male counterparts. That is why AlixCo has launched a women-specific P2P financing Malaysia program that targets women entrepreneurs in Malaysia. In addition to offering zero percent default rates, the program is also helping women in business to build their personal brand.

The Securities Commission Malaysia has regulated AlixCo as a P2P crowdfunding platform. It is operated by FBM Crowdtech Sdn Bhd, a registered market operator in Malaysia. Additionally, the company is the only dual-platform operator in Malaysia, managing both Alixco and FundedByMe, an equity crowdfunding platform. Investors can invest in a variety of sectors including startups, real estate, and e-commerce. The Alixco default rate is low, with an average return of 14% per year.

Open to individuals aged 55 and above

Seniors interested in p2p investments can attend an InvestSmart webinar. The webinar series focuses on digital inclusion for senior citizens and SMEs in Malaysia. The InvestSmart representative believes the webinar series will prove to be helpful for seniors. The webinar is scheduled to take place on Aug. 16 from 1pm to 2pm, virtually. The webinar is being organized as part of the digital literacy for seniors programme organized by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SCM) and InvestSmart in collaboration with Hire Seniors.

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