Research shows that many prospective property buyers form opinions within the first eight seconds of seeing it. If you are selling your home, it is important to showcase it at its very best and present its unique charm and character to make a positive impression on prospective buyers.

So how do you get your property in top condition and make it look presentable to buyers? A small investment in staging and professional photography doesn’t hurt. Just because you have pictures of the home doesn’t mean the photography is good. Remember that listings with professional photos not only sell faster but also for more money.

Today, the highest percentage of home buyers use the internet for their home search, meaning the listing photos are a critical indicator, and here is why.

Staged photography

Realtors VA Beach recommend staging your home for you to sell it fast at the highest price possible. This is because emotion plays a very significant role in the buying decision. An empty or poorly furnished house will yield no feeling, and that only leaves your house on the market for long.

A home stylist and a photographer can work together to furnish the house and arrange each room to create a spectacular image. Removing the personal effect and bringing in neutral furnishings and decor ensures that a prospective buyer is not distracted and can decide whether the home is good for them or not. Any realtor will tell you for free that an empty or poorly furnished home will not sell the same as a well-staged one.

Capture the right images

You may not know this, but having 50 images of the property doesn’t guarantee a sale. An essential thing is capturing the right photos of the property. A professional shoot includes a professional art direction to ensure the photographer captures the most attractive images of the house.

Getting the right angles

In professional photography, the angles and lighting matter a lot which is why there is a difference between the photos you capture of the house and professional ones. By engaging a professional home staging photographer, they can capture the house’s best features by properly mastering the angles and lighting. An experienced real estate photographer will strive to make the home as desirable as possible in the images, even if it means adding light in certain areas to ensure they look perfect.

Scout before the photography

Perfect photos of your property are about preparation, including identifying the ideal time of day and set up. The photographer will scout the property days before the shoot, analyze the light exposure and explore each angle to know what tools they need to capture the right images. That results in perfect photos that will make your home sell faster.

The bottom line

Nearly every homebuyer uses online sites to find the ideal property, and the photos matter most. Therefore hiring a professional home staging photographer when selling your home is advisable to present it in the best light.

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