Safety Guidelines For Using Portable Oxygen Cylinders in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there is a shortage of oxygen cylinder storage in Corona, so there is an availability of oxygen cylinder home delivery in Dhaka at any time. The number of covid patients has increased gradually in the country. In addition to collecting protective equipment. Even people who have not been affected by Corona are also buying these items. A cylinder of 10 thousand BDT is being sold for 40-45 thousand BDT.As a result, taking oxygen cylinder rent in Dhaka has increased. There is also a danger of using cylinders in the house

Why use an Oxygen Cylinder Safely?

Taking advantage of the huge demand for oxygen cylinders, unscrupulous traders have increased its prices at an unusual rate. But according to experts, the use of oxygen in the home on its own without the supervision of a health worker can be dangerous. One of the reasons for this is that a normal patient does not know how much oxygen he needs. In addition, if you want to use oxygen at home, you have to take some safety measures that you can get at the patient care home service.

It may seem like an inhaled gas because we breathe in oxygen every day. But the oxygen stored at high pressure in the cylinder can be destructive inadvertently. Pure oxygen in the cylinder is a highly flammable substance and inadvertently fatal fires can occur. So you should be careful when you are using an oxygen cylinder at your home. Mentioned here is about the safe use of oxygen cylinders to avoid accidents.

Guidelines of Using

  • Never keep oxygen cylinders in the place where the fire is burning.
  • You should not use an electric device next to the cylinder when oxygen therapy is running. This can cause sparks.
  • Some clothing can cause flakes of friction that should not be worn during oxygen therapy.
  • Always put the oxygen cylinder straight in a protected place, only that the cylinder may decline and the valve may become unfastened and turn the cylinder into a perilous missile
  • Keep it in a ventilated area. Do not let sunlight fall outright on it.
  • Use portable oxygen cylinders knowing the right using systems like opening and closing the valve properly.
  • Avoid using inflammable materials like paint thinners, cleaning fluids, and aerosol sprays. Also you should not use oily, petroleum and greasy skin products, like Vaseline.
  • Keep the oxygen cylinder away from any source of heat after using it.
  • Check regularly if there is any leakage. If you hear the sound of a cylinder leak, keep out the fires, also open all the doors and windows.
  • Remember the phone number of your nearest fire service, so that you can call instantly in case of an accident.

Final Words

The Oxygen Cylinder is an essential medical device for covid patients that may need to be kept at home depending on the patient’s condition. However, many times the use of oxygen cylinders can be dangerous due to not knowing the correct rules. Even better if you have a nurse service in Dhaka, they will help you. Otherwise you understand the correct rules then use.

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