Questions about Car rental Denmark

Denmark is a small country with a large number of beautiful roads that can take you from the Tivoli Gardens to the stunning ocean views of Denmark’s Atlantic coast. The Great Belt Bridge and the Oresund Bridge, which connect Denmark and Sweden via the islands of Zealand and Funen, were recently completed. It took ten years to complete the 11 miles/18 kilometers long Great Belt Bridge.

Renting a car in Denmark

Driver’s license

Denmark only requires a valid driver’s license from your home country to rent a car. That’s all!


If you want to car rental denmark, make sure you are at least twenty years old. You will be required to pay a young driver’s surcharge of 119 Danish Kroner if you are under the age of 26.

Methods of Payment When it comes to renting a car, Denmark-based rental companies, like the majority of rental companies worldwide, do not accept debit cards. Therefore, use a credit card whenever you pay online or in person.


You will also need to purchase insurance if you rent a car in Denmark, which will cover you for the majority of accidents and collisions.

Driving in Denmark

There are speed limits, which are clearly marked. The speed limit is typically 50 km/h in densely populated urban areas. It can reach 90 kilometers per hour on country roads. Then there is a national speed limit for motorways: of 110km/h.

Which driving lane is used?

Remember to drive on the left side of the vehicle and the right side of the road when renting a car in Denmark. If you’re coming from the UK, this might take some getting used to, but driving in Denmark is so slow and easy that you’ll soon get used to it.

Conditions of the roads

Denmark has some of the best roads in Europe if you want to rent a car. They are so meticulously painted, maintained, and marked. You won’t regret it. Even in Copenhagen, the majority of the country experiences very little traffic because so many people commute by bicycle. Every road has cycle paths, and as a result, traffic is greatly reduced!

What driving is like in Denmark?

Denmark is great when it comes to renting a car! If you don’t know what the rules of the road are in Denmark, just follow the huge signs and perfectly painted lines and you’ll be fine.

In Denmark, we drive quite slowly; Most of the time, drivers are friendly and relaxed, so there is really no stress on the road. Long drives through the countryside of Denmark are also enjoyable. You won’t want to leave because the entire country has such a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

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