Protect your interests after an accident in LA: Get a lawyer!

Car accidents are reported quite frequently in Los Angeles. Some accidents are minor blips and fender benders, while others often result in unfortunate outcomes. If you ever end up in such an accident, you should take the elementary steps to preserve your rights and interests. Besides other things, such as calling the police and 911, you should contact a lawyer. With numerous options, choosing between Los Angeles car accident attorneys can be confusing. We have a guide below on why you need a lawyer and how to find the right one. 

“I think I can manage on my own. Do I need an attorney?”

It is no secret that auto insurance companies don’t play a fair game when settling accident claims. Filing the third-party insurance claim is not the hardest part. While you can take care of the formalities, negotiating the settlement could be tricky. When you hire an attorney, they will do that for you. It is best to call an attorney if – 

  1. You are unaware of your rights
  2. You don’t know the worth of your claim
  3. You have no experience with insurance companies
  4. You were partly at fault
  5. You are not sure of what caused the accident
  6. Your claim has been deniedvisit here to know more information : msizone

Finding a lawyer in LA

There is no dearth of personal injury law firms in LA. Some are obviously better than others, but it all comes down to one aspect – expertise. It would help if you found an attorney who has worked on cases equivalent to yours. They should be aware of the possible outcomes and share a simplified overview of the situation. The initial meeting with a lawyer doesn’t cost anything and could be an effective window to know your claim. To make a potential list of attorneys, ask around for references. You can also check websites like Nolo for names. Top law firms in LA also have respective websites where you can find relevant details.

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Be honest

If you were at fault for the car crash, you might get a much lower settlement, depending on the fault percentage. California’s state laws allow you to recover a settlement with a higher fault percentage, but it all depends on how the case is presented. An accident attorney can only help you when you are honest about the circumstances. Let them know every detail that can guide them in planning their strategy. 

Call a lawyer immediately after the accident.

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