Postcard Stamps, What are they and why do you care?

As a stamp collector, you must know that stamps are beautiful, collectable, and have historical and aesthetic value. Because of this, you should protect them just as you would any other type of valuable investment. You can take several steps to protect your stamps.

Forever Stamps:

If you’re mailing a postcard or letter, check out Forever Stamps. These stamps are postcard-size and will cover two-ounce letters. However, you’ll need to add more postage if you’re mailing internationally. This postage equals the cost of a first-class stamp on the day you mail it. For most domestic mailings, it’s enough. But for international mailings or those that weigh more than two ounces, you’ll need additional postage.

Forever stamps don’t have a dollar amount printed, but they’re worth the first-class postage rate for an envelope of one ounce on any given day. For example, the first-class postage rate on July 2022 is $0.60. You can find the current first-class rate on the USPS website. The postcard stamps are an excellent option for sending postcards and letters any time of the year.

Square-shaped postcards:

Postcards can be made into squares with unique square-shaped stamps. While these postcards are fun to create and can make good use of materials, they are expensive to mail. Postal workers must manually process square envelopes instead of using machines. Because of this, they must use additional postage when mailing them.

In the past, the United States postal service issued stamps in irregular and geometric shapes. In 2000, the United States issued a stamp shaped like the Earth. Other countries have created stamps that are shaped like fruits or animals. These stamps may be gummed or non-gummed. Some of them may have decorative perforated edges.

If you’re mailing a postcard, check the USPS’s website for postage regulations. USPS requires that postcards are at least 3.5″ x 5″ in size. Postcards cannot be larger than 4.25″ x 6″. Also, postcards must meet specific thickness requirements. The USPS also has a calculator to help you choose the correct stamp for your mailing.

Commemorative stamps:

Commemorative stamps are issued to mark significant events or the lives of prominent people. They can also be created to commemorate certain aspects of nature, such as rare species of animals or plants. In addition, these stamps often celebrate national and international issues or games. Many of these stamps are issued in limited quantities and are available at philatelic bureaux and under the Philatelic Deposit Account Scheme.

Postal service departments began to use the technique to sell stamps at fairs and events as souvenirs. These stamps could be postmarked to mark their location in space and time, allowing collectors to pinpoint the location of the event they wanted to commemorate. This practice was a significant milestone for commemorative stamps, as it laid the groundwork for the practice we see today.

Price hikes:

A new price hike is on the way for postcards. The United States Postal Service announced that it would raise prices on most mail forms by a few cents. First-class stamps, for example, will cost 58 cents instead of 50 cents starting in August. The price hikes will also affect domestic postcards, metered letters, and outbound international letters. All of these increases are expected to take effect by August 29. However, the increases must first be approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

The increase is not the first time the postage prices have increased. The price of a first-class “forever” stamp has increased in the last several years. It will cost 60 cents if you send a letter, and another ounce will cost 24 cents. Postal services will charge you more if you use certified mail or money orders. The postage rates on these products have increased by almost seventy per cent since 2001. However, the increase is still lower than inflation.

Keeping in touch during hard times:

Postage stamps aren’t often thought of these days, but they can make a world of difference when you’re stuck at home. Posting a handwritten letter to a friend can brighten their day and keep you in touch during these trying times.

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