Pet-Friendly Interior Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Pets are wonderful creatures that show us unconditional love and are good companions. Thus, it is important you take care of your pet by creating a comfortable home for it. But how can you make your home pet-friendly? In this article, you will discover seven pet-friendly interior decorating ideas for your home.

Make Use of Durable Floors

If you have pets in your home, then you have to consider making use of durable floors.  Since your pets have claws and nails which can scratch wooden floors easily, you must avoid making use of hardwood floorings. One of the best floors for your pet is ceramic tile because it is resistant to stains and easy to tidy up. Also, you can make use of rigid core planks as they can withstand stains and scratches from pets.

Choose Pet-Friendly Fabric

When choosing fabrics, you can decide on picking colours that match your pet’s skin. You must pick fabrics that are pet-friendly as this will make things easier for you. Use fabrics that are resistant to smell, stain and do not get damaged easily. Furthermore, avoid making use of delicate fabrics like silk, denim, suede, or velvet. This is because these types of fabrics can easily be damaged by your pet.

Match Your Furniture

Another great way to make a pet-friendly interior decoration is by matching your home decor with your pet’s furniture. For instance, if your living room decor is very similar to your pet’s bed, it makes it easier for your pet to feel at home.  You have to be creative and come up with ways to match your pet space with yours. Try to make sure that their furniture, like their bed space, pillows, blends easily with the furniture you have at home.

Create A Play Space

Having your pet playing around your home can be fun, but at the same time, it can cause some disturbance to the setting of your home decorations. To avoid this, all you have to do is to create a specific space or room for your pet to have fun. To achieve this, make use of an area that does not have a lot of furniture. You can enhance the playing space created for your pet with beds and toys. Make sure to arrange and clean up your play space when playtime is over.

Searching for apartments for rent in Surprise AZ? When creating a comfortable home for both you and your furry friend, consider designating a designated play area. This pet-friendly approach ensures your pet can have a blast without disrupting your home decor. Opt for a well-planned space that accommodates their needs, complete with cosy beds and engaging toys. Plus, once playtime is over, tidying up the designated area keeps your living space in harmony.

Get A Pet Bed

You don’t necessarily have to give up your bed space when you have a pet. You can easily get a comfortable bed for your pet that can fit in properly with the interior decor of your home. When choosing a bed, be mindful of the texture and make sure it is pet-friendly. You can also select a bed that matches the furniture in your home. Getting a bed for your pet is great because sometimes your puppy or kitty wants to have their own space.

Window Treatments

Sometimes, pets love to sit by the window taking in some fresh air or waiting for their owners to return home. You should be aware of this and avoid making use of thick curtains. Thick curtains will establish a thick window treatment that is not impressive as you might want it to be. You should consider making use of sheer curtains that are airy and convenient. When you make use of sheer curtains, it becomes easier for your pet to see and get some sunlight.

Hire A General Contractor

If you want to remodel the interior of your home and make it more pet-friendly, you should consider hiring a general contractor in Sacramento. A general contractor can help you make built-in furniture. Built-in furniture works tremendously because they give pets their own space. It also helps train your pet to always go to a specific space when they are exhausted or need to have some time for themselves. Are you interested in having built-in furniture for your pet? Then General Contractor Sacramento is the right option for you. General Contractor Sacramento will help you build a home that you and your pet will love for years to come.


Creating and designing pet-friendly interior decor for your home can be challenging. However, to create one, make use of the tips in this article. Remember, your pet deserves all the love it can get from you.

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