Online Teaching Roles For the WFH Freelancer

Are you working from home in the education sector? With millions of students engaging in virtual learning every day worldwide, it’s no wonder that teaching roles are shifting online.

The ability to learn skills from any artisan in the world, at any moment, is part of what makes the internet such a wonderful invention. Within a few taps on a mouse, we can communicate with people in the farthest flung reaches of the world. Nowadays, if you want to learn how to make Swedish slag glass jewellery cabochons, you can learn it from the handful of people in the world who still do it – right there in Sweden and with the help of an internet connection and Zoom.

Online Teaching is Driving an Evolution of the Education Sector.

Asides from the abstract example, the world of digital communication is allowing our teachers to reach straight into our homes. It is also allowing the students of the world to head hunt for the best of the best to learn from. We currently have the power to pass down the entire sum of human knowledge for the next generations to build upon. Online teaching is at the forefront of this great change. It is even lowering gender, race, disability, and other inequalities by making answers and essay marking truly anonymous.

What Roles Can an Online Teacher Play?

Online Teaching Jobs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether taking on work as a freelancer or finding a permanent position to support a single organisation, WFH teachers in all manner of subjects now have the chance to teach from their home office. Here are some of the positions you might find work in as an online teacher or tutor.

Teaching A Language

Not just a language: your own language. Everywhere around the world there are people who wish they could speak your language. There are business people who need to learn enough business English for meetings. There are students who need to learn basic Japanese before they can be part of a foreign exchange program. There are always students looking to learn your language. In the UK, that means gaining your TEFL certificate and setting up a website.

Fully Remote Subject Teaching

As a greater number of schools share less and less funding, rural schools with minimal students are feeling the cinch. As these schools close down, the government will seek to provide a complete online learning package for children in those areas. You might end up recording sessions for children and even giving lessons over live chat where they cannot find a local specialist subject teacher.

Online Tech Teachers

Since so much of digital learning involves the technology we use to get and stay online, it makes sense that teaching about these systems is remote. After all, at least some of the students studying technology will go on to create software programs, write code, and read data. What better way to do that than in a virtual classroom?

Other Online teaching Jobs to Consider

No matter your subject or training level, there is an online teaching job that could supplement your income. If you have a special skill, there will be those who want to learn it. If you know how to play an instrument, paint, or solve algebraic equations in your head, you have the potential to sell that skill in an online open marketplace. One thing is for sure. There is plenty of work to go around.

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