Michigan Car Accident Lawyers

When we find ourselves being victims of a car accident, the main thing we want is justice for the damage we have received from the counterparty, especially if the cause of the accident is due to negligence of the same, therefore, making a personal injury claim for demanding the deserved compensation is a priority.

Luckily, citizens can count on the advice of auto accident injury lawyers, who belong to the great firm, Mike Morse, whose experience dates back to thousands of successful cases since its creation. With their advice and cooperation, the victim may be calm in the process of recovering from the injuries caused in the accident.

What to expect from car accident attorneys?

A law firm is in charge of making the preparations for the process, in addition to being the ones who will communicate on behalf of the clients with the debtor insurers, so that the victims do not feel overwhelmed or stressed while they are in the recovery process.

When we contact a law firm, specifically the great firm, Mike Morse, we choose a successful, cooperative work team that puts the well-being of its clients first, but also will have:

  • A free case observation consultation
  • Alternative investigation of the accident
  • Thorough documentation of the damages suffered by the victim
  • Direct and accurate negotiations with the insurance companies, to ensure a good result in favor of the victim.
  • Presentation of a detailed and direct case with a judge and jury

Most common causes of car accidents

Due to the high volume of traffic that is normally seen on the streets and highways on a daily basis, which can lead many people to suffer or contribute to car accidents. Many of these accidents have a common factor such as the negligence of one of the parties, some of these causes are:

  • They travel exceeding the speed limits
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Failure to change lanes or misuse of the turn signal
  • Carelessness or legal step
  • Driving with extreme fatigue
  • Distracted driver with cell phone, radio or any device that requires attention.
  • Following a car too closely

Compensations we can receive in these cases

One of the important aspects that this whole process has is the documentation of the damages that were suffered in it and those that may be suffered in the future, with this it will be possible to have knowledge of the amount of compensation that can be received, some of the damages that can be covered are:

  • Medical expenses include bills for emergency care, hospitalizations if necessary, consultations with doctors, medications, rehabilitation or therapy, among others.
  • Loss of income, if the injuries prevent the victim from going to work for recovery purposes, payment for lost income may be required.
  • Property damage, a strong impact for the victim and relatives are the physical damage that occurred in the accident, the victim can request compensation for repair of the vehicle, for lack of use, among others.
  • Pain and suffering, it can become difficult to put a price on the pain that the victim may suffer, but the lawyers will take care of giving it an amount to obtain justice.
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