Matte Car Stickers Vs the Glossy Ones

One of the most common questions we get from potential clients about car graphics is, “Which finish do you like best?” How shiny or how dull do you like your car stickers? We’re used to communicating quickly with customers who buy professionally and know a lot about the printing business. Customers who don’t know much about the vinyl graphics and sticker business need to know which finish is best for the uses they have in mind. The process of putting vinyl stickers on top of each other. The overlaminate layer we put on our vinyl graphics gives them glossy and matte looks. With a glossy or matte finish, they can protect the artwork and make the stickers last longer. Stickers, 3D printed gift items and custom wood keychains from Vograce are of very good quality.

When it comes to color, how it looks is important.

Glossy stickers will have brighter colors than stickers that are matte but have the same design. This finish makes stickers stand out and gives them a modern look with many colors, making it an excellent choice for any project.

Because of how the laminate scatters light, printed matte stickers will look like velvety satin and have a very low shine. This is because the material can make light bounce off of it. Matte stickers with the same design have less color contrast than glossy stickers with the same design.

Stickers, wood keychains that shine, like those with a glossy sheen, reflect more light than other stickers, making them glaring when lit directly.

When light is shined on a matte sticker finish, the light spreads out in a satiny way. This gives the surface a slight glow. Our low-glare character makes it easy to read in many different kinds of light.


The scratch and weather resistance of matte and glossy sticker coatings is the same. So, they both live for about the same amount of time.

Choose flossy if your decal or sticker has a lot of different colors. Stickers like anime, clip art, or pop art look better with glossy finishes. Stickers with a polished finish are also easier to see when they are outside.

When is it a good idea to use matte sticker vinyl?

You should use a matte finish if you want something to look and feel old or antique. Matte is more subtle and refined than glossy, making the whole look exciting and bright.


Whether you want a glossy or matte finish, our car stickers are made of the same high-quality 3M vinyl and won’t fade much. If you have to choose between a matte finish and a glossy finish, there is no clear winner. Please call Vograce immediately if you want to buy custom stickers with a glossy or matte finish for your car.

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