Marriage commitment spells

What’s a happy marriage built on? Money? An ability to travel? The amazing life you live that other people are jealous of? Of course not! A happy marriage is built on mutual respect, care, support, and emotional security. When spouses forget about their marital duties and responsibilities, they can be reminded about it, but not through marriage counseling or by having multiple arguments. To strengthen your spouse’s commitment to your marriage, you can use easy-to-cast marriage commitment spells which we’re going to tell you about in this article.  You can find your desired help when needed by visiting the link mentioned here:

Marriage commitment spells

Don’t forget that the best marriage commitment spells are spells cast by a professional spellcaster. Dozens of years of studying and experience in casting thousands of rituals helps professional magic practitioners cast spells in a significantly more efficient way than you, someone with little or no experience in magic, can ever achieve. Since many people like home magic, we’d like to tell you about several relatively easy spells for marriage commitment which can be cast almost by everyone. However, we can’t promise that the spell will bring the desired results. Such spells stand a 50:50 chance of success. Don’t get too upset if you fail to get what you want, because you can always count on professional spellcasters who can help you with basically any problem you have.​

The first spell for marriage commitment we want to tell you about consists of three steps. Step one is clearing your spouse’s energy of negativity. Negativity can be caused by fatigue, depression, the lack of spark and novelty in your relationship, a curse put by someone whose feelings you hurt, on purpose or by accident, or by someone who envies you, as well as by a spell put on your relationship by someone who doesn’t want you to be together. Fortunately, this can be fixed.

Method one: salt bath. Put some salt into a silver bowl and take the bowl outside. Do it in the morning for the salt to absorb some of the energy of the sun when the sun rises and its light touches the salt. Put the salt into a tight container. In the evening prepare a relaxing bath for your spouse adding three tablespoons of the salt into the water without the spouse knowing about it, and stir thoroughly. Three such baths will clear your spouse’s energy of all negativity, improving your relationship.

Method two: make some food adding a lot of red pepper. Naturally, make sure your spouse doesn’t have an ulcer and any other digestive system problems. Red pepper is believed to be able to purify and restore chakras. It rejuvenates the body, allowing it to get rid of negativity in a natural way.

When your spouse is free of negativity, cast the love spell. It’s quite simple. Having read its description, you’ll realize it’s indeed one of the easiest spells for marriage commitment. Take a hair brush and brush your spouse’s hair. Collect the hairs, pick three longest and most healthy ones, and put them aside. Then brush your hair and collect them as well. Pick three hairs as well. Tie them to one another to form a cross with same-length rays. Put all the three hair crosses into your spouse’s pockets. The spell will be activated as soon as your spouse puts these clothes on. After a while your spouse will show long lost feelings and demonstrate marriage commitment.

Not all people should cast spells at home. The following groups of people are prohibited from practicing magic:

  • Women who are currently breast-feeding;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Women with painful periods;
  • Overweight people;
  • People who smoke, abuse alcohol and take drugs;
  • People who consume too much caffeine;
  • People who’re under the influence of magic;
  • People who suffer of energy diseases; (the last two points should be clarified by a professional magic diagnostician)
  • People diagnosed with mental illnesses – mild, moderate or severe;
  • People who don’t have any feelings for the target;

If you belong to any of the above described group, don’t worry. You can still be helped. You just need to work with a professional magic practitioner who can offer you an effective spell meeting all your needs, while making sure it won’t make your problems worse. And remember that safety precautions should never be disregarded.

Spells for marriage commitment

The second easiest spell, which also belongs to spells for marriage commitment, is cast with a white magic candle and a picture of your spouse. As you already know, love is essential for home magic. Without it, home magic doesn’t work. If you don’t love or take care of your spouse, if you always make your spouse jealous, but at the same time want your spouse to show marriage commitment, the spell won’t help you. So if you don’t love your spouse but want to keep your marriage alive and improve its quality, consult a professional magic practitioner who knows what to do in situations like this.​

Home magic becomes effective only thanks to your love. The stronger your feelings for your spouse, the better your chances of casting a successful love spell. When you cast love spells on someone you don’t have any feelings for, the feelings evoked by the spell can prove to be the opposite of what you expected and your spouse who was just tired of your relationship in the past or felt indifferent may end up feeling disgusted with you. In cases like this a divorce is inevitable.

So, take a picture of your spouse, put it on a clean sheet of paper, and light a candle. When the wax starts to melt, drip some around the picture saying,

“I love you. I can’t live without you. I want you to love me. I want our relationship to be as joyful as before. I want you to not push me away but, on the contrary, miss me and always want to be with me. These wax drops are falling not on paper but on your heart. Each one of them is burning it making it love me as much as before. You won’t push me away anymore but will do your best to show me how much you love me.”

Repeat these words 3 to 12 times. Keep saying it as long as you feel like you need to say it. Besides, the wax drops should ultimately form a heart around the picture and the wax should also fall on the edges of the picture gluing it to the paper.

When you repeat the spell the required number of times, put the candle back and use the paper around the picture to write down what exactly you want your loved one to do for you with a red pen or marker. Be specific about your expectations in your marriage commitment spell. Just remember that if you don’t love your spouse back and don’t care for him or her, the commitment spells will be broken and your relationship will start going downhill again towards an imminent divorce.

More powerful spells can be found in the other articles posted on our blog. Simply cut your quest time in half and try a true healer, a fantastic anchor from Spellcaster Maxim . In conclusion, we hope that this article has been very informative to those who are looking for different magic spells to solve their problem in Marriage. Check more article

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