Is it worth hiring a Virginia workers’ compensation lawyer?

On the surface, filing a Virginia workers’ compensation claim seems like a simple and straightforward process. The workers’ compensation system is a no-fault system, which means you can claim benefits after your injury even when the accident happened because of your negligence or fault. However, in the real world, insurance companies do their best to deny such claims and often adhere to bad faith insurance tactics. Here comes the big question – Is it worth hiring an attorney after getting injured at work in Virginia? We have an overview of the circumstances when you definitely need a lawyer. 

When you have sustained serious injuries

If your injuries are serious and likely to prevent you from getting back to your job, you must get an attorney. For instance, if you have suffered partial permanent disability, which is likely to impact how you can work and live your life, seeking legal counsel is advisable. Such cases tend to be a burden for insurance companies because the eventual settlements are considerably higher. The claims adjuster will try to undermine your claim. 

When your claim is denied

If the employer or the insurance company rejects your claim for flimsy reasons, you should have a lawyer on your side because you still have legal options to consider. These insurance companies know that employees are often unaware of their rights or what it takes to complete the claims process with the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission. You wouldn’t fall prey to insurance tactics with an attorney on your side. 

When your worker’s comp settlement is unfair

If your worker’s comp settlement is unfair or doesn’t cover your medical bills and other losses, you should talk to a lawyer. Lawyers have the experience and expertise to determine what a workers’ compensation claim is worth and fight for the clients’ rights, no matter what it takes. Do not accept an amount that doesn’t justify your injuries and losses. 

When you have suffered discrimination because of your injury/claim

While you cannot sue your employer directly after getting injured at work in Virginia, you still have certain legal rights. If your employer has fired you from the job or has discriminated against you because you file a workers’ compensation claim, you should talk to an attorney. 

Don’t let someone suppress your rights and interests. Get a workers’ compensation lawyer now to know more about your rights and ways to protect your claim.

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