How will the Webtoon industry develop in 2022?

Thanks to the Internet, the Mobile Webtoon format has become increasingly popular and hugely profitable. According to a 2019 report, the webtoons industry has grown rapidly, surpassing many other entertainment services such as online music, and second only to the duration of apps. According to the Korea Creative Content Agency, it is expected that the webtoon industry will reach 894 million USD by 2020. Although it has just been launched, the webtoon craze is gradually heating up in the US and Europe.

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According to Korean Webtoons – a pioneering platform in the industry – the webtoon has been adapted from print stories to online and optimized across multiple platforms and devices to bring readers great experiences. Best. Alexandra Presser, who developed Mobile webtoons service specifications, discovered and determined Mobile webtoons design features in multiple formats, both vertical and horizontal, or screen widths. Figure. In general, basically, webtoon is a new type of comic book, optimized on the user’s phone screen.

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Webtoon Manhwa was launched at the Angoulême International Comics Festival in France in 2019. The platform’s goal is to provide webtoon titles for mobile devices. Webtoon Factory is owned by Edition Dupuis – a company specializing in providing quality titles to users. Editor Julien Louis was interviewed when he returned to the Angouleme Festival.

How many copies of the webtoon did you write in the first year?

– Last year, I probably published about 12-15 webtoons and more than 10 game titles. It is expected that in 2020 there will be 25 more units.

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How many episodes does a story usually last?

– Usually it will be 24 episodes long, each episode will have about 5-60 pictures.

Do you work with pixels?

– Yes, at the level of 40,000 pixels is the best and falls in the range of 50-60 images. However, for new authors, they are not familiar with the format so they will often not know how. So it will be quite complicated, but we will have the canvas ready for them.

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How do users pay for reading?

– Our business model is that for the first 3 episodes they will be free. This manhwa is meant to attract users and give them a chance to decide whether to pay to continue reading. Usually packages will be around 2.99 or 3.99 euros.

What genres of stories have you provided?

– We have provided users with a wide range of genres to choose from. We have targeted readers from 15-25 years old so all genres are loved from romance, comedy to horror, suspense, … In addition, we also provide BL, LGBT, … But right now, most of all, we’re looking for romance.

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In how many languages ​​do you provide stories? Do you have plans to publish in multiple languages?

– Currently, we are mainly publishing in English and French. We are receiving many copyrights from many parts of the world, so we plan to publish them. We will consider carefully when any Portuguese manuscript is sent.

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In Europe, has anyone done this the same way as you?

– Actually, there are already 4 platforms providing webtoon like Delitoon, they are only buying licenses in Korea, and it was launched 3-4 years ago. LINE webtoon is considered the world’s number 1 webtoon provider platform. In Korea, it is also known as Naver Webtoon. Later, it will be deployed more strongly in France, with 50% coming from Korea and 50% coming from the US.

Reading stories in print and stories online are very different, so how do you design them? Is it 1 cover per week or just 1 cover for every platform?

– We are designing each cover for each series and will usually have 12-24 covers for 12-24 episodes. Because each volume will have a different content, so we try to design the cover to match the content and attract readers.

Are you planning to print the webtoon into a book?

– Yes, what we have wanted for so long, we will do it. First of all, we will still create attractive webtoon series that will attract readers, then if readers want, we will publish them in print.

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Thanks for the helpful things you shared today!

– Thank you so much!

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